Unable to connect to patching server

Same problem...........bad first impretion to try a game that cant get past patch.
same here, any solutions?
Same here, I can`t connect to path server!=/
Same for me too. Can't connect.
Same here.... "unable to connect to patching server" error message... please help!
3/31/2012 at 11am Servers went down for 5mins, no big deal, they're back up now, try relogging
nothing changed until now
Yesterday, I was able to play for one hour. After that I logged out. Since then I tried to log in but I was not able to get past the patching server. May be they are patching the game?
I am getting this error since last week until now. Help?
I am directly connected to internet and i was able to play about 2-3 weeks ago

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