Unable to connect to patching server

wow we have some nice active support from the devs or mods?
I am getting this error since last week until now. Help?
I am directly connected to internet and i was able to play about 2-3 weeks ago

It's likely something is blocking the game. Make sure your firewall isn't blocking it, if in doubt try disabling it temporarily. Worst case something upstream of you may be blocking it, in which case please try following my advice on this page to see if the alternate port works.
still same result, my target box now reads
"G:\temp\PFiles\Grinding Gear Games\Path of Exile\Client.exe" --patching-server pathofexile.com:3724
Run as Administrator. Had the same thing pop up for me once. I ran it as admin and it went away and the patch notes loaded on the launcher.
Same for me i just bought the beta and cant login:(
I have been playing for two weeks but i'm unable to connect now. I'ts not about my firewall i'm sure. I hope you can suggest a proper suggestion soon.
This error just happened to me also.

To fix it, I manually added the pathofexile\client.exe to the allowed list of programs in windows firewall. Worked a treat.

This is using windows 8.
I have the exact same problem with a disabled firewall and stable internet connection. Yesterday, the same error came up but after multiple tries, i could enter the game. no such luck today.

Nothing in this thread so far has helped, and im not sure if there's anything else I could do other than try to completely reinstall the whole game, but I figured Id post that I also have the problem
This thread is also over a year old.
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This thread is also over a year old.

heh. Didnt realize. problem remains though

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