Avatar of fire + infernal blow build

I have a questiion about the mechanic of how "Avatar of Fire" and "Infernal Blow" works together. I see three options here;

Let's say you have 1000 physical damage:

Option 1: (This is your claim also)Avatar of fire and Infernal Blow works at the same time:
so 50% damage fire from AoF which means 500 fire damage,
and 50% damage fire from infernal blow which is also 500 fire damage
100% fire damage meanin 1000 fire damage this is cool.

Otion 2:
Infernal blow makes your 50% physical damage as fire so you got
500 physical damage
500 fire damge
AoF works you got 500 physical damage 50% of will turn to fire and you deal no more phytsical damage so you got
500 fire damage from IB
250 fire damage from AOF
0 physical damage meaning 750 fire damage not cool

Option 3, Avatar of Fire works first
50% damage of your total will turn to fire and rest will be erased since you deal only fire damage
so you got 500 fire damage and 0 physical damage
infernal blows makes you physical damage fire but in this option you have no physical damage so it basicly does nothing but only debuffs enemy for explosion.
So in this option you deal only 500 fire damage this sucks.

How do you know it works like first option? Is there a web site tells how mechanics works? Or you just tested it? Or you are not sure?
It is my understanding that the 50% conversions are additive and you end up with 100% Physical -> Fire conversion. On top of that IB has 125% damage effectiveness meaning that in your example, you would be doing 1250 fire damage with each swing of IB. This is with no other physical or elemental modifiers.
I'm at 3300dps at level 63 now, I stopped using Hatred and Anger, instead I use Determination and Grace for the extra eHP to keep me alive in Merciless Act 3.

Passive tree:

Heading over to Iron Reflexes right now which should greatly increase my defenses. After that I'll be picking up more life and probably Lava lash. If I have the extra points I'll try and get some aura nodes north of AoF.
I am really glad I found this thread, as I have been experimenting with an Axe build (Kaom's Primacy), to go with IB as well. My thoughts on build can be found here:


I will follow this thread, and I hope more will come.

Are there any thoughts on single target skills or is IB used there as well?
I know others will take Leap Slam for IB as well, but if going AoF, then Leap Slam will probably not be so good.
Shjade wrote:
Completed 12 ChallengesNextivity wrote:

Do you switch the melee splash gem for the multistrike gem for groups and then back again for single-target dps?

When i linked that I was doing Dom runs for loot so was using leech. I usually have splash in the 5L rather than life leech. Not sure which I had in there when i did the dps comparison. Probably splash.
what you guys think about this build? i think i gona try

aegis auora+soul taker not sure if worth gear inner force i will run 3aura

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Why aren't people using fire penetration on an IF + AoF build surely it's a massive boost in dps over say +phys dmg/+fire dmg?
It's only a boost once you are fighting fire resist mobs and once you have actually leveled Fire Penetration. It starts out at a much lower % Than WED or Melee Physical supports. I do think that Fire Pen is much better late game. However, it doesn't show you a higher raw DPS number so most people won't use it. I have been leveling up my Fire Pen gem on the side and will be swapping it in shortly.

I think a good example is something like this at level 60:

1000 base damage + 44% Melee Physical = 1440 damage dealt to a zero fire resist mob

1000 base damage x (1.31) = 1310 damage dealt to a zero fire resist mob with 31% Fire Pen gem

1000 base damage + 44% Melee physical x (1 - 0.75) = 360 fire damage dealt to a 75% fire resist mob

1000 base damage x (1 - 0.44) = 560 fire damage dealt to a 75% fire resist mob with a 31% Fire Pen gem

Fire pen is worth way more in a scenario where resist is present. You can assume that you will get the most use out of these gems in Merciless after you have reached level 10+ on these gems.

While this is probably painfully obvious to most of ya'll, I just wanted to explicitly clarify: "Weapon Elemental Damage" applies to the fire damage portion of Infernal Blow UNLESS you are using Facebreaker gloves. This applies to the gem, the Marauder passive node, and the affix.

Just wasted a character making that discovery. ><
My two cents:
Running a level 51 2h-mace templar based on these ideas. Currently I use single-target IB+WED+Melee phys+life leech. I also level a fire pen gem that I used up till now, not sure what would be better for normal gaming. I will swap it in for fire res zones though :) Using also Ground Slam+End on Stun+Added fire (WED will probably be better there, but w/e :P) for survivability.
I currently have a bit less than 4k dps with IB. I have a really nice mace waiting for me at level 54, should bump my dps even more :)
This is my planned build:

My 6L plan for this is to probably add multistrike and fire pen to my afore-mentioned 4L. Either multistrike or added fire damage...
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