An Infernal Blow build for 2-handed Axe (Kaom's Primacy)

So I found a Kaom's Primacy and decided I needed a build for it, since I couldn't find anyone making a build for 2-handed axes.
I've read that Infernal blow with Melee Splash is all the rage for Marauders, so I decided to try that path.
I made my build on the basis of the Infernal Blow HEAVY METAL Marauder by ZiggyD (and yes I am stealing quite a lot from him)

Here are the skills:

And the intended gems are:

Core Supports = Melee Splash, Added Fire, Melee Physical Damage

Additional Supports = Multistrike, Weapon Elemental Damage & Life or Mana Leech

Core Supports - Faster Attacks, Stun & Endurance Charge on Melee Stun

Additional Supports - Melee Physical Damage, Life Leech, Added fire.

I may also take the standard defense of Level 1 Cast on Damage Taken + Enduring Cry + Molten Shell. But that depends on the nerfs to Cast on Damage Taken here in 1.01.

For auras I plan to run either Grace (for armor) or Anger (for even more fire damage - as you can see I have taken Lava Lash)

I decided to go crit path, as Kaom's Primacy has Accuracy included and most Axe nodes includes Accuracy (which obviously plays bad with RT)

I have a level 68 Marauder with a clean sheet for skill points, so anything goes, and there is no need to consider levelling concerns.

I really hope to get some good feedback for this as I am not a pro in designing my 'own' builds (well, partially my own).
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With the danger of just talking to myself, here is another attempt at a build.
This time with a lot more focus on elemental damage. This extra elemental damage should come from auras and items.

EDIT: This build won't work that well, I think, since Anger seems like a bad aura to rn with a 2-hander. Also, there is no point in taking Shock with the little amount of Lightning damage I can do, so for now this build is off the table.
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I know this thread is over 2 months old, but i wanted to give my take on this build anyway.

My marauder is currently level 80, and I haven't been into the really high end maps yet so I might still make some adjustments.

I'm using a 440 dps 5 link for infernal blow (11k dps) and also running with heavy strike (12k dps) for the elemental reflect mobs. I'm also using Leap Slam with endurance charge on melee stun. I linked determination, warlord's mark and enduring cry to a reduced mana gem and only need 1% mana leech to keep my mana up, no blood magic needed.

As for CWDT, i leveled it to 9 and linked it to a level 12 decoy totem, a level 12 molten shell and a level 9 temporal chains. With 3,5 to 4k hp, about 1000 damage taken seemed like a good number to go for.

Here is my Passive tree as it is ATM:

I'll probably pick up some more life nodes in the future, maybe go for the +30 int so I can get higher temporal chains and also more IIR(gem) on my reaper's pursuit. Still not sure if I'll go for iron reflexes, right now i have about 9k armor with determination and it seems to be enough for now.

If i ever get into the 90's, my build will probably look something like this:

Right now I'm cruising through maps, so this build has worked really well for me so far. I hope this helps someone reading this and any feedback is ofcourse appreciated!

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