Avatar of fire + infernal blow build

Just made this build for fun, i wanna know how viable you guys think it is. This
is purley for theory crafting, and is not a guide in any way shape or form

Weapon = 2 handed mace

Skills - Aura : Anger (maybe fit in determination if hp allows)
Curse : Warlods mark - high leech, endurence charges
Main Skill : Infernal blow + melee splash + multi strike + life leech (4L) + added fire damage (5L) + faster attacks (6L)
Travel skill : Leap slam with faster attacks, stun, some other nonsense that i havent thought about yet.

Leap slam will stun enemies breifly when using it, allowing you to get some free infernal blows in.

So the entire point of this build is to allow physical damage nodes and fire damage nodes to buff your infernal blow, allowing for really high dps.

Since infernal blow transfers 50% of your phyiscal over to fire, and avatar of fire does the same, you will be dealing 100% fire damage. This means that your infernal blow will scale greatly with increased fire damage nodes as well as increased physical damage nodes.

Bandit rewards = 40 hp, 18% ipd, skill point

This build is for domination or standard, not HC

Here is a link to the skill tree i made for this build

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I'm just gonna go ahead and give this thread a friendly bump, because i'm also really curious whether this is viable or not.
Im trying AoF and Infernal Blow aswell, I think you should replace your Added Fire Damage with Weapon Elemental Damage, since it adds much more damage.
Furthermore, you should really skill Lava Lash and Catalyse and not the small "Increased Fire Damage" nodes. Because you are using AoF, you cant leech life with Blood Drinker, so you can save that point.

My suggestion for the skilltree would be something similar to:

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Op, you didn't take the best weapon elemental nodes on the tree (templar area). The build is also very weak defensively. Infernal blow has great DPS and aoe but it is garbage defensively because you can't kite with it. It is more or less a face tank skill. Your build will be weak in general and with so so gear will be trash.
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Look up ziggyd on youtube. This is very close to his build.
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I have been leveling using a similar build. Here's my build:

Using Geofri's Baptism, being level 46 and using a 5L for IB + WED + Melee Physical + Splash + BM and running Hatred; I have 1700 dps. I really recommend running Hatred over Anger, at least early on. I also recommend running Melee Physical over Added Fire. Both are converted to pure fire damage anyway. That's something that you have to remember with this build, all physical and fire damage is treated the same so you should always take the higher % option with passives.

I also recommend taking the atkspd bandit reward in Cruel as its easier to get more raw damage than it is to get attack speed and it will give you a bigger boost. For my build right now, 10% attack speed is a 200dps difference where as 18% physical does not make as big a difference.

Edit: Also, Warlord's mark only leeches for Physical damage which you do none of as AoF.
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Anyone else running AoF + IB? Any tips?

At level 52 now with 2300dps, still using Geofri's.
Just thought I'd add my two cents to this thread...

Using Kaom's Primacy.
Level 62 Templar

Infernal Blow with Weapon Ele, Melee Splash, Life Leech and Added Fire ->
5498 dps (4100 with fire pen instead of added fire). (3222-5046 fire damage per hit)

My problem is the %fire damage nodes below marauder starting area appear to be additive with the rest of the %weapon damage nodes I've gathered. I was hoping they would be multiplicative so that makes them fairly inefficient for the point investment.

Regardless best build I've done so far. Only in act 2 but I've been one shotting groups of mobs for awhile now - I hope I can continue the trend.

Build link here...

I have a lv 85 infernal blow axe/shield guy on normal, saw this thread and decided to respec him back the way he was (more or less) without avatar of fire. It was 7761 dps. Added avatar of fire and it went to 9921dps (no auras). So, can confirm AoF is a pretty big deal for IB builds. So is WED on the passive tree. Be sure to get the ones near Templar and favor it on gear.

Build is http://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAgUAAdwB5wJxBLMFLRQgFE0UcRhdGJEZLho4G_ojTSXfJ-0pLilPLdIyCTKJNug62D38QDZAoEGqRHJGaUd-TdhQR1BQU99USVcNWGNYr1jbWfNZ_l8_YEtlTWaebEZuaXJscql07Xbnd-V4DXrvfLh82YFvgpuDOITEhNmE74x2jM-QVZHOm4OePJ65ns2fPqC0ogCkGacwp4SpbqvFrKqsr6-NtPm53bvtvoq-p8APwBrG2NJN1I_ZYd-_51LsOO8O73zwH_Iv9kj3Mvjr-6o=

Gear is:

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Do you switch the melee splash gem for the multistrike gem for groups and then back again for single-target dps?
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