Avatar of fire + infernal blow build

Yeah for no res its not better to use fire pen for the main target the fire penetration support has the added benefit of helping the corpse explosion damage.

This can actually becomes relevant because with flammability you can one hit 0% fire res mob packs by killing one (with enough +%fire) and with the addition of say a koam's and concentrated effect skill gem or something it may be possible to 1 hit fire res mob packs but that is pure theory because I'm too broke to try. With this you obviously trade melee splash for conc effect in a Marohi Erqi for example.
Question: What is the point of Warlord's Mark if AoF + IB = 100% fire damage? Isn't the physical damage leech from WM useless in that case?
Completed 16 ChallengesDhindman wrote:
Question: What is the point of Warlord's Mark if AoF + IB = 100% fire damage? Isn't the physical damage leech from WM useless in that case?

I don't konw the reason but my life leech dose work.So just link a life leech.:)
Just made this build for fun, i wanna know how viable you guys think it is. This
is purley for theory crafting, and is not a guide in any way shape or form

Weapon = 2 handed mace

Skills - Aura : Anger (maybe fit in determination if hp allows)
Curse : Warlods mark - high leech, endurence charges
Main Skill : Infernal blow + melee splash + multi strike + life leech (4L) + added fire damage (5L) + faster attacks (6L)
Travel skill : Leap slam with faster attacks, stun, some other nonsense that i havent thought about yet.

Leap slam will stun enemies breifly when using it, allowing you to get some free infernal blows in.

So the entire point of this build is to allow physical damage nodes and fire damage nodes to buff your infernal blow, allowing for really high dps.

Since infernal blow transfers 50% of your phyiscal over to fire, and avatar of fire does the same, you will be dealing 100% fire damage. This means that your infernal blow will scale greatly with increased fire damage nodes as well as increased physical damage nodes.

Bandit rewards = 40 hp, 18% ipd, skill point

This build is for domination or standard, not HC

Here is a link to the skill tree i made for this build


Interesting question. However I think there are few weak points:
Except the Life Leech support gem all of the life leach mechanism based on physical dmg so:
- Warlord's Mark
- Blood Drinker
are not working.
You put a lot of point to armour but there is penalty to the movement speed. I should recommend one of the two "Ignore all Movement Penalties from Armour" passive skill. One of it is really close to the duelist start point: Leather and Steel.
And as meantioned before. The penetration is more important if You deal pure fire dmg.

a beginning hardcore player here.

And i am intrested in this path.

Goiing for this


with shield - 1handed mace.

Valid ? - points i need to work on ?

i gladly sacri some dps for def nodes since i am hadcore :)

i DO doubt over the running life for skills instead of HP ?

worth it ?
Would this work with a face breaker?
I think you guys are doing it a bit wrong. I am theorycrafting a build as well and hope to start playing in a few days when my internet gets fixed. Heres my idea to dish out some real damage w/o having to spec hard into the passive tree. I'll be adding a build once I ensure the build is viable to solo hardcore maps.

This is my theory: If I run out of buttons curses can be on weapon swap as well.
Spec Dual Curses and add the ring w/ +1 curses:

Searing Bond + Increased Burning Damage + Fire Penetration
*Force multiplier of

Molten Shell + Life Leech + Mana Leech
*Molten shell will wreck them. Recast every time it pops.

Firetrap + Multitrap + Chance to Ignite + Burning Damage
*Firetrap will be great for kiting

Shield Charge + Endurance Charge on Stun + Melee Splash + Mana Leech
*Jump in there and stun

Infernal Blow / Leap Slam + Melee Splash + Multistrike + Life Leech / Endurance Charge on Stun

Spectral Throw
Curse on Hit
Elemental Weakness
Temporal Chains
Mana Leech
*Your 3 curses on hit should save time and mana. It would be worth it to add that it would be useful on a 6link bow on weapon swap or just having the curses on weapon swap.

That is all. Possibly if you get enough endurance charge on stun on your attacks you can add a discharge to the mix.
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I'm making a similar build on HC but I'm also gonna use

This would increase the damage even more and gives good resistance
Hi guys

Just wanted to share my build here, since it's pretty similar, except I use as a primary attack Lightning Strike, and as secondary Infernal Blow. I'm not sure which one I prefer yet. Infernal Blow is far more powerful against groups than Lightning Strike though.

So anyway, here is my gear and my tree, level 77 Marauder :


I went to Blood Magic and Iron Reflexes pretty early while avoiding Avatar of Fire, and kinda messed up my progression, so I'm not very defensive at the moment, although I can tank pretty easely in level 66/67 maps, my health is low and my dps is not great.

Qs9zSCIs ---- KJvHDGSs

I got only Skill points from the bandits, but I think I'm gonna respec one for attack speed, also I can probably gain 1k or 2k in dps in a couple of points. But as of right now, I'm only dealing 5013 dps with IB and 4795 dps with LS, with Hatred and Haste on.

It's a lot of fun, but with my low gear and noob tree, it is quite dangerous and I died a couple of times in Merciless. I hope it'll get better with awesome gear and three or four more points.

Good luck !
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I like this build and gratz dor topic...

But i have noob question to ask

Oro's Sacrifice Infernal Sword is good for this build and why ?


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