[GUIDE](1.0.5updated) McNasty's Scion/Which MF Dual Totem Build (Nemesis) [currently 395%R 91%Q]

ukkosen wrote:
and one more question, how do you get power charges? i've noticed that you grabbed some +1 to power charges

I believe grabbing those +1 power charge nodes allows you to take some shortcuts to where you want to be, saving some points.
thanks! good to know i thought so but i wasn't sure, thanks for explaining the entire build it helps a lot to learn about the game as well as the character :D
Wow, MF build with no Flask Effect nodes... *facedesk*
I'm considering respeccing my templar to a variant of this build so I could recolour my Shav that I currently use for both my low life FP and ST build.
I now only play my templar when I feel I need some currency (mostly Piety farming) but my question is how is your DPS? or do you rely on others to kill?
Thanks for the guide.
How would the progress be level by level for your new end-game build?
Hi! I'm doing the witch variation of this build and was wondering if you have any data on which totem does the most/is the best for culling in group play?

Flame totem?
My New 1.0.4 End Game Build Witch Tree

Link sends me to the SCION Build :(
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ukkosen wrote:
and one more question, how do you get power charges? i've noticed that you grabbed some +1 to power charges

You could get them from the cast on damage taken combo if you choose to take the enduring cry.
Hi guy.

First thing : Your Witch version link to the Scion version :p.

Second thing : I see on your stuff you don't use power charge generator (don't need on a mfer), so why take the power charge near of Zealot's Oath?

Look that tree, I did a change near of Zealot's Oath, you win 5 points if you don't take the endurance charge, and 2 points if you take it.

And wanna know, atm you use Shockwave totem or Flame totem?

Thanks for the guide ^^.
You gonna update for the last patch?!

Say me yes!

Lovely build!

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