[GUIDE](1.0.5updated) McNasty's Scion/Which MF Dual Totem Build (Nemesis) [currently 395%R 91%Q]


I'm dominating maps 77+
Similar build to yours with some changes which I feel bring a LOT to the group.

1) I concede that I will do 0 damage and can focus on not dieing.
2) I prefer Spell totem. The life of a spell totem is based off the Spell Totem Level.
I use a LEVEL 1 ARC. This means it costs 15 mana.

I use:

Faster Casting

(Assuming you have Heartbreaker, if not then no Faster Casting)

I run 4x Auras easily, each with +75% Effect

just to be clear your a group dependant and cannot solo at all?
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It looks like you're not aware MccNasty but the only passives that increase totem range are the totem specific ones.

I did some research on how Resolute Techniques affects totems and found a bit about area of effect and range, was a bit surprising!
Hello, I'd like to know why I should go for MF Dual Flame Totem instead of MF Summoner, since I cannot solo maps as a Dual Totem.
xenochaos1 wrote:
Zoubiey wrote:
xenochaos1 wrote:

could this build solo dominus?
could this build solo piety?
can you do maps 70+?

If I got the thread right. No, no and no

wow rly... so its a ONLY culling strike party build?

Pretty much, yeah.

When/if I co CI, should I use Eye of Chayula neck or just some random rare neck with high iir/res?
Completed 7 ChallengesJownY wrote:
Hello, I'd like to know why I should go for MF Dual Flame Totem instead of MF Summoner, since I cannot solo maps as a Dual Totem.

Well for starters its your choice to try either of the builds. Also, not everyone wants todo summoner builds, and even though summoners can solo maps, not many people solo endgame 75+ maps and partying is pretty much a norm around there. So to answer your question, i'm not her to convince you to run my build over someone else. I'm just merely giving you another opiton to try. I actually encourage you to try them both and have options.

Might have been posted, but I'm wondering how you efficiently level up?

I'm using spectral throw until level 20 now but I see lots of stat problems inc...

I really hate leveling with FP
Here is a modified passive tree that I think trims off a bit of fat and leaves you 1 point off your old one that you can freely use.

The 3% cast speed/6% spell damage nodes in the Scion starting area are very inefficient in my opinion and very rarely worth taking.

Mc Nasty is OP. Great build.

Greetz my friend.
Lets Turn Path of Exile, the Greatest!
Hi McNasty, thank you for the guide but can you please update it further?

Thanks again.

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