[GUIDE](1.0.5updated) McNasty's Scion/Which MF Dual Totem Build (Nemesis) [currently 395%R 91%Q]

I've been leveling an MFer, and got my hands on a Divination Distillate. I was wondering what strategy y'all used to keep it up for rare / unique mob kills. So far I have been using Arctic Armour, but it's kind of tough to get the hang of. Just wondering how y'all do it ;)
How necessary would you say the extra ES nodes are? I was thinking of grabbing all the aura nodes and dropping the shadow side of the tree


IGN PoopyPotter
Awesome build man im trying it right now just have one question, Have you considered using summons? or they are not necessary? and how about +1 totem mantle? have you tried it?
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sory i sent that incomplete, how do you manage to change so many points? are refound skill points that many?
I would like update with your current gear and pictures of current stats please.
ukkosen wrote:
sory i sent that incomplete, how do you manage to change so many points? are refound skill points that many?

regrets unfortunately plus the quests give u quite a few points to redo
thanks for the answer and update, what about soulmantle? +1 totem is not necessary??

im currently in lvl 70 with this build and it is awesome. However, im missing the most important items but it works really good

one question, i've tried other char with CI and it hasn't worked out for me, im not sure to change to CI yet, would you recommend that i lvl up more before transitioning? or i should get better gear? im wearing soulmantle, gloves, belt and boots that you mentioned, the rest is not worth to mention :P

thanks for your tips and update on equipment tho
and one more question, how do you get power charges? i've noticed that you grabbed some +1 to power charges

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