[GUIDE](1.0.5updated) McNasty's Scion/Which MF Dual Totem Build (Nemesis) [currently 395%R 91%Q]

Heya OP

Thus far it's fun, atm I'm transitioning into CI, AB and ZO (should be at the same time roughly, since complimenting each other). Need some more levels / QRewards to do it tho.

Trading for the three IIQ Cores
was fairly easy, well, might have just been lucky. The 63 IIQ is highly appreciated in groups or bossruns by mates and random pugs, so already a win.

I'd like to compliment the build, perhaps I'll use a mass-arc-trap slot or smth to even make it faster to "deliver" a deadly culling strike. Any ideas?

I'm glad you like the build =D

Um, for possible alternate methods to cullen with are:

Incinerate totem
Elemental Hit totem
pretty much anyspell you'd want to attach to a spell totem

I reccoment Flame totem because it saves you a gem slot, somewhat making a 4link appear like a 5 link...
Completed 26 Challengesunite01 wrote:
hey, how much tooltip dps do you get out of your totem ?

I m doing a little tweaked version with a witch, 5l soul mantle and incinerate but the dps are really low :(

As I mentioned in the guide, this isn't really a Damage Dealer build, its mroe of a utility build. Thus, the dps you bring to the table to groups will be quite low compared to everyone else. But, you provide something that everyone else can't, and that's Magic Find and the DROPPPPPPPPPPPPSSSSSS!!!!!! =D
UPDATED added level by level skill tree progress, added flasks and answered some questions
yeah that's how I been using it :)

whats your all res, hp, es and armor (so all def stats) @ your lvl with your mf gear ?
im playing with this build atm and its pretty fun, got 62iiq/160iiq atm

not sure if u should save for the flask now, got only 1ex atm and 2,8k ES and 77allres

but that flask is so expensive :<

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Wouldn´t it be nice to use Elemental Poliferation with your Totems maby instead of multi shot?

will the mf work if a monster didn t got a "direct hit" from your totem but burns because of that gem?
My friend has an andvarius, it does drop.
well i built a mf culler too, but with spectral throw(-gmp-ir-culling). using cwdt-ms-ec-decoy and reduced mana-grace-haste-clarity-det

skilltree: http://www.pathofexile.com/passive-skill-tree/AAAAAgAAAdwB5wUtEuEUIBRNGS4b-iXfJ-0ppTWSNug64TwtQKBGaUd-Sn1KyEz_TeNOKlBHUFBUSVcNWGNYr1uvXz9gS2EhZU1noGqTbmluqnKpdO13YngNeu982YLkhNmE74cph3aI8YqvjM-QEZHOnrmezZ_LogCkGaZXpzCpbqxZrKqvbLXytkG53b6Kvqe-vMAPxBXE9sWKxtjQR9Ih0k3Uj9Xt2WHdDeLq51LnY-8O8B_yL_JF8932SPzF_gr-jw==

taking the remaining life nodes(left side near endu charge and right side), maybe mind over matter too and 7th endu charge.

im lvl78, 5153hp, 77 all res, ~12k armor with buffs, but have only 322armor chest so it's not that great:p

117%/62% with 1h/shield def gear(and 77%allres, 5153hp) and 148/62 with reaper's pursuit. but 4678 life and 77/54/67 res which i want to cap.


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