Official Path of Exile Release Trailer

Yo...thats my Marauder in that trailer? Like exactly, haha. Did you guys pluck my Mara out of best dressed honest?


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Conan_xxx wrote:

There is one thing though I would change or cut the video in a differen t way, especially if you want to attract new players. Remove the running animations in the video. Actually they are no highlight of this game, but in the video they look even worse not so say funny. So it migh keep new players away that just rate the quality of graphics...

The trailer is fairly good, i think, that is not a problem. The real problem is: this isn't a real release trailer. It's a trailer like the one the Witch, the Duelist and the Templar had, but now for the new class, and it would be welcomed with open arms from everyone of us, if in the title there wasn't a line: release trailer. We would love to see a new class trailer, sure.
But that isn't the case. The case is that the standards of the GGG trailers was set so high after the wonderful open beta trailer, this one leaves a bitter taste after watching.
Not because it is bad. It just isn't in the right place at the right time.
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In my opinion the open beta trailer was much better :/
You should modify the old trailer! If i were a guy who doesn´t know the game, have not seen the open beta trailer, and then i watch your release trailer, i wouldn´t download / buy that game....
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Ahnuz wrote:
In my opinion the open beta trailer was much better :/
You should modify the old trailer! If i were a guy who doesn´t know the game....

I love GGG and the game, but I got to be honest here and say that I agree with the guy above, the open beta trailer have a lot more hype potential.
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Although I was absolutely blown away by the media coverage of 1.0, I need to be honest: the trailer was a bit of a let-down. Unfortunately in the cinematics game, you really need to either go big or go home; I understand your staff is small and those things are expensive to make, and if you ask me you should have saved the money. Afast-paced official gameplay trailer with captions like "Trigger Gems" and "Animate Guardian" — essentially a 2-minute summation of the GameSpot video — would have been better.
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while everything could always be improved upon...including this trailer, overall its quite awesome and makes me want to see more...which is what its all about ;)
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I am actually very disappointed with the trailer. Not because it didn't do anything for me (I hope it shows that I don't need the hype), but it didn't even try to showcase any of the game's strengths. Compared to the Open Beta trailer, this is a total misfire. And the unfavorable comparison paints the impression that you guys considered Open Beta as the actual release, rather than this upcoming one, even though the release content looks highly enticing. Only reason I'm typing these words is because it's such a letdown after the excellent content reveals.

I'm sorry guys (and I'm someone who's considering an Eternal Pack upgrade), but I have to give you 0/10 for this one. Poorly thought out, poorly executed, which just doesn't resonate in any way with the GGG I've known for all these months.
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The trailer looks kinda good, im interisted in the new stuff but to add exiles to hc was the wrong way to go!
I like the trailer, although I would have called it scion class announcement trailer and prepare something more informative like the open beta trailer was for the actual release trailer. GGG can still do this, maybe they will put out some features/world/bosses/maps trailer later.
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