0.11.6 Patch Notes

will give some good times again trying to build a trap build from groundzero theorycraft.

If Ghetto map name will be changed . can we also change the naming of "white" items to "clean"?!? Like: few nights ago we got chuckles from guy wanting to buy "2 white occultist" :D
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Chris wrote:
Version 0.11.6

  • Bone Crunchers and Hairy Bonecrunchers now have Cleave available as a skill.

So we can now Cleave with claws? :D Just joking...
hmmm im only interested in ground slam... ok we got 10% more dmg but whats with that wave? I dont rly understand how that work but doesnt seems nice at all to me :/
Completed 19 ChallengesBEASTFSHO wrote:
CycloneCI .. LA_Ranger.

Dumbest way to name characters tbh. no offence.
Completed 19 ChallengesBEASTFSHO wrote:
The new update looks good especially with the new trap gems being added. I do have a request a new feature in the game that I would like to see.

Character Name Change

I know I have this problem but not sure if everyone else does. I like to name my character around the build that I'll be working on. So for example I was working on a Cyclone character that was eventually going to be CI once I get that far so I named him CycloneCI. But sometimes you want to change your build while leveling up or a new patch comes out which may take you a different route for your build. For example I was creating a Lightning Arrow Ranger and named it LA_Ranger. But the new patch came out for Rangers (about 1 month or so ago) which buffed up the Rangers. So instead of a Lightning Arrow build I went with a Rain of Arrows build but now I'm stuck with LA_Ranger but using RoA.

It's probably not a big deal to others but it would be great to have an option to change your characters name. Even if we had to pay 5-10 coins I would be willing to pay. If we don't have to that would be even better!

you can contact support & they rename anything for you..
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Flamebearers now fire in bursts, with a cooldown between each spray.

That is a big hard hit to my spectres, only ones capable of surviving 74+ Maps

I guess 10 second Maze Vaal kills was overpowered, just hope I can find
Other spectre with that kind of tank ability as well.

Voidbearers are the only spectre you can get to survive in high level maps?

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The Fetid Pool now has a new layout that should make it easier to find every monster.

Why you're simplifying the game?
i like this game. i mean have you seen how powerful is the barbarian
Qarak wrote:
The Fetid Pool now has a new layout that should make it easier to find every monster.

Why you're simplifying the game?

DAT Motherfucker 1 Monster Left on Fetid Pool.. that's why...

With all the char i've raised i think i have spend 1 hour searching for it...

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