0.11.6 Patch Notes

Awesome, can't wait to see new uniques and gems
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"Reave is now not replaced with a Default attack when you are out of mana. This is to prevent losing Area of Effect stacks when using the skill."

This is a terrible change. Now it will fail to attack completely if you run out of mana and zero chance to leech is back via default attack without changing your action bar.
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City Stalkers? o.0
d:- D
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iamstryker wrote:
It sounds like ground slam was buffed but I'm not sure about the whole damage wave not being attached to attack speed anymore. Was that part a nerf?

I would say it is a nerf, but only to things that only take a couple hits. To something you're spamming it on a few times, it won't be very noticable.
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awesome chris
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Chris wrote:
Version 0.11.6

  • Arcanist Slippers and Conjurer Boots have had their base values changed so they no longer have the same requirements and defences.

You mean Arcanist Slippers and Sorcerer boots?
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Fucking sweet. Kudos GGG!
Chris wrote:
Version 0.11.6

[li]The naming of "urban" Map areas has been improved.[/li]


Shots fired at Black Scum Ghetto Map.
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Nice patch, really like the new gems and support gems
Gonna buy that hatred! :@

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