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Chris wrote:
Version 0.11.6

[li]Multiple Traps is available to the Shadow, Ranger, Duelist and Witch from Mercy Mission on Cruel Difficulty.[/li]

Thats not true. My witch didnt get Multiple Traps from Mercy Mission on Cruel. Insted of that there is Endurance Charge on Melee Stun, but no Multitraps :(
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There just isn't enough balance changes to get excited to play this. The last time I was excited to play this game was when they "buffed" melee. Since then, nothing even remotely similar in terms of changes.

I guess they feel the game is balanced.
Completed 2 ChallengesHruthgard wrote:
"The damage wave of Ground Slam is no longer connected to attack speed, so no matter how fast you attack, the damage wave will still move at the same speed. This does not prevent you from repeat attacking."

What did that mean in detail, the threshold reduction effect on monster applies not instantly and is now not depending on the atkspeed. So it cant be improved to insanly fast repeating threshhold reduction on enemys anymore? Because of the constant wave speed? NERF NERF NERF

"Ground Slam: increased from 70% to 80% weapon damage. Its reduced stun threshold has been reduced from 35% to 25%."

Dmg was never the problem with GS, the threshold reduction nerfes my build insanly strong...totaly retarded. AGAIN NERF

That all sounds very stupid i hope it is not ingame...stunlock mara was not perfect and vulnerable to more cases as other builds but that will fuc. it up.

I hope im wrong...

ps.: dont nerv op builds but seldom used niche builds with strong drawbacks, kill the build diversity even more, simply delete my mara if you suppose to nerf the whole core and mechanic behind my build with one single patch. ATTACKSPEED doesnt matter anymore, threshold reduction reduced to abominationaly minimum. Whole build is fcked up.

Exactly. Every new patch: screw niche builds, incrase demage of melee dmg but decrase survivability mostly due to reflection and nerfed HP(you want better melee? ok here you go! *trollface*),and makes more mandatory to own top tier uniques. Six months of absence here. Looks like my inactivity going to be preserved, maybe to inifinity. You can say 'gtfo we wont miss you'. But I tell you: I saw games die and I was dancing on their graves. Have a nice day.
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