Weekend Races with Roccat Hardware Prizes

i could use a new mouse i recently found cookie clicker game xD
Hardcore is how we play ™

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Count me in, this is awesome!
I'm not so sure I'll enter any of the races but it is hella cool of Roccat to donate all that stuff.
Oh baby
I guess I might actually do some races this season despite the god awful season rewards.
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Judging by the only Roccat product i've purchased (a mouse), i'm not really enthusiastic about these rewards...

Seriously? These are some awesome prizes for what is a pretty typical race weekend albeit a bit different... 5 people get the whole set of gear.. that is pretty freaking awesome for something that's not out in some type of convention or show or something.

Gratz Chris and company it's pretty awesome of ROCCAT for these donations.
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I am a dissapoint that there is no ROCCAT ingame stuff....could have made some "ROCCAT Claw" skins or something as weapon skins or something :P
cool stuff Chris! :)
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well thats one way to get race numbers up, just bribe people with physical goods.
Neat, the class make-up of the races will be funny to see since it's top experience only, disregarding classes.
Nice of Roccat guys to do this.

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