Weekend Races with Roccat Hardware Prizes

I was one of the people who advocated for a similar structure for season racing.

Here's the clicky(last post on the page btw):


and here's the tl;dr:

Run the same race all day, one completion allowed per account per day. Top results for the whole day determine final placement.

This is the way racing should be handled. Players like cwu aren't going to make cwu2, cwu3, cwu4 accounts just so he can secure a top finish in one of his many accounts. He, like most folks who care about racing competition, want a single account recognized.
well done on the tie up! congrats!
Now THAT's some cool featuring :)
Now everyone's wishing Razer did something like this instead. =p

Or are they? I really don't know the quality of their products.
same name in-game
Nice I like that keyboard! im in! :)
http://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/913599 <--- mirror Thread
I dont plan to ever race , still , have fun you all.
Thanks ROCCAT and GGG. You guys are awesome. Keep up the good work.
No Roccat footprints this time ?^^
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This is how promotions should be done, not with footprints. I predict record attendances for these races.
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Judging by the only Roccat product i've purchased (a mouse), i'm not really enthusiastic about these rewards...

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