The Infernal Blow HEAVY METAL Marauder - Build Guide (1.1 Updated!)

Depending on the %fire dmg roll the new kaoms might be perfect for this build (but propably to expensive xD)
Heavy in the morning
Metal in the night
Is this build still viable after todays patch notes? If so, how much tuni g and changes are required?
Hard to say before we can actually play the new patch, but it shouldn't get any worse, probably even better.

But does anyone else feel like that they are missing hits every now and then with this build, even with RT? I mean when i'm in middle of a pack and i hit them, sometimes there seems to be no hits registered, died few times to that allready. Or is that desync? I usually play with GS and theough i'd try this for a chnage, and it's fun, but not when you can't hit the mobs.
I dont play long enough to talk about details but ive registered this with missing hits too.

Every time when it seems i dont hit something in the middle of an mobpack, i pop up some feets away . I bet its the delay/lag ^^

(Sry for my bad english :) )
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Dysinc, try holding shift while attacking
Hello. I'm returning to the game, because of the official release. So, would this build be good for a newbie, also will it work on hardcore or do you recommend an another build? Thank you.
ZiggyD can we get an updated skill tree for this?

Really enjoy this build and would like to use it on 1.0.0

ZiggyD can you plz take a look at this tree and tell me if its ok to use with your Guide(i have 62 Points to use but don't want to make a mistake)

i know you are a busy man but if you can plz
I will go the first way up to 30 like the old version guide (now with some points left -thanks to new tree ^^) i hope there will be a updated Version of this guide until i hit lvl 30 xD

What ive see at the first view , this build will profit from the new tree. :)

(Sry for my bad english)

Thanks for the reply Ziggy, yea I'm running Carcass Jack and so far it's working pretty well. another question: Do you think that concetrated effect could be a potential good gem to link with infernal blow?

I just made my build with the new skilltree and it looks like this at lvl 78:

It's pretty much the same build Ziggy made at lvl 79 with a few changes only:

1: I went around the resistances node near diamond skin for a extra point.
2: I thought a lot on picking berseking but I ended up saving the 6 points to go for smashing blows and save a single point.
3: I picked up unwavering stance, no reason to not pick it up due to it's new location.
4: From the original build there were a few ways to go for Iron reflexes, I decided to pick the way that takes 4 points rather than 5 and nets a single Armor+evasion node rather than stats node only.
5: Finally, due to the frenzy node being only 1 point away from my build I decided to pick it up and try running a The blood dance on my character, it's pretty much the same as getting a 1% life regen node + 2% attack and movement speed.

I also tried avatar of fire with no success because it makes you deal no physical damage and I couldn't keep the mana up without the physical damage mana leech from my ring.

Finally, while my defense dropped a bit for running the blood dance but I felt like the life regen makes more than up for it, it's not that hard to keep all the frenzy charges at all times(just keep the charges up by killing trash mobs and use frenzy just once when you're against harder mobs or running out of them).

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