The Lightning Templar [Community Builds]

Since this post has been alive for so long and has a ton of views and replies I want the community to post their Melee Lightning Templar builds with a short description of the build, the skills & supports and the weakness' & strengths of the builds.

I will post your name beside it and add quoted feedback from players and myself to see and test out!

This is my lightning based Templar build using 1h Scepter/Shield. Focused on Min/Max DPS & Block, while having enough life/ES/Armor to absorb hits. With shock giving ED stacks, and high block with tempest shield, this build is ideal as a DPS/TANK for boss runs and hits like Thor.

Skill allocation at Lv. 70+ ~ (Rough, It's been a while since I've played on this char but this how I'd build it now - if there are suggestions give me a shout!)

Eventually Branching out and grabbing more offensive/block nodes.

Skill & Supports

Main Skill
Lightning Strike - 6os Chest Piece
Supports Melee:
Weapon Elemental Damage
Faster Attacks
Melee Physical Damage
Added Fire Damage
Lightning Pen.

Supports Using projectiles:
Point Blank
Faster Projectiles
Weapon Elemental Damage
Lightning Pen.

This skill hits hard with a good AoE bonus. Mana Leech & IAS are quite essential, as you will be mana starved -That noted, some of you may want to go Greater projectile support gem - All the power to you, if you can support the mana drain. Since templar has huge access to Weapon elemental damage (80%) in his area, we'll work with this.

Secondary Skill
Arc - 4os Piece
Supports - Totem, Elemental Proliferation, Iron Will.

Using the totem behind me to add lightning stacks and DPS to targets. Shock Nova + Totem can also be used and coupled with Knockback - OR Ice Nova, this will make mobs drop before being able to reach you (Knockback + Chilled).


Tempest Shield
Supports - Iron Will, Mana Reduction, Elemental Proliferation

Your most important skill.
Giving you +4% Block and dealing a moderate DPS - but most importantly, good for dishing out shock stacks on enemies upon block.

Iron will is the choice for Increasing DPS on this skill, with the builds high strength it makes the skill a no-brainer.

15% Block from passives, 4% from Tempest, AT WORST 24% from shield - This gives you 43% block, which is a huge reduction of damage. This high block combined with E.P. gives you a great DPS vs. Ranged while dealing with melee.

Wrath & Clarity (Clarity is optional)
Supports - Mana reduction, Blood Magic
Wrath is your main aura for DPS boost & stacks with your totem - further adding to its potency.

Clarity is optional, depending on your gearing you may should have enough Mana Regeneration to support your skills.

Elemental Weakness
Supports - Increased Area of Affect, Increased Duration, (Suggestion for 3rd support?)

You'll obviously run into lightning resistance mobs, give a quick cast of E.W. and haveat'er.

Last but not least, you gotta have this one :D
Helps you get out of those "oh shit" moments.


Chest - ES/Armor piece with 4-6Ls. Preferably has Mana Regen, +Elemental Damage %, +Stun Threshold.

Weapon - Scepter. Preferably a Scepter for the Implicit 20 %Ele Damage.

Shield - Essentially you want to attain the Crest of Perandus which gives 1% LL, +Life, 40% block & life regeneration. This will help max your block. Otherwise I would suggest you skim with a rare Kite shield (for the Elemental resists) with good ES/Armor & block/stun recovery.

Gloves : Hrimmsorrow - Converts 25% Physical damage to Cold Damage - Absolutely essential for increasing DPS and chills enemies on hit!

Other Equipment : Essentially you're looking for good mana regen, elemental damage (on rings/belt/amulet especially (note - spell damage% does not affect Lightning strike), item quantity/rarity, high ES/Armor, enough resists to hit the cap, block/stun recovery, stun threshold recovery. Etc..
Anything that directly correlates to your DPS/Blocking abilities.

This is my Shock Build,

Open to suggestions and opinions as always!



Swapped out Lightning Damage Support for Iron Will Support on Tempest Shield.
Removed Spell damage passives which are reobtained through the use of Iron Will (Aykil)

Relisted support gems for chest - removed item quantity/rarity/EP in favor of Mana Leech to help with the mana starve. (Mr_Smith)

Forgot to add Elemental weakness...LOL.

Edited Ranged & Melee Variants of LS.
Changed the build in light of OB balance.
Now uses Hrimmsorrow gloves for physical to cold conversion

Kandyse's build

Shyfttyx's build

IGN Suojata
Last edited by CNKalmah on Feb 25, 2013 9:34:49 PM
Spell damage doesn't affect Lightning Strike.
Only Phys and Elemental damage count.
Spell damage affects tempest shield & Shock nova however, with 50+% Block chance it's in your best interest to max that damage if you can IMO. :) Thanks for the heads up though, I will put this into the OP.
IGN Suojata
Last edited by CNKalmah on Aug 13, 2012 10:45:00 AM
Id drop the spell damage passives and use the Iron Will support gem for spells you want to use, like tempest shield (which it works amazingly well with!)

Apart from that, looks like a pretty standard solid build for a ele melee templar!

Thanks Akiyl,

Now my best choice here is to swap out Lightning Damage on Tempest shield for it?

IGN Suojata
Wisheez wrote:

What support gems are you using with Lightning Strike? My LS Templar is lvl 30 and my LS damage is around 380 (at work so I don't remember the exact number).

Lightning Strike - Weapon Elemental Damage - Lesser Multiple Projectiles - Added Fire Damage is what I use right now. Ideally I would want LS linked with WED, LMP, Increased Phys Damage, Mana Leech, and Increased Item Quanitity (or pierce for killing faster).

Also don't forget that LS is a percentage of your physical damage, so the more physical damage your MH weapon does, the harder LS will hit. I noticed a pretty big increase when I switched from a weapon that had less physical damage and more elemental damage to my current 1h mace.
For starters you will absolutely want to grab the 3 lightning nodes in the templar tree - this will help with your DPS.

As for lack of damage, if you use the the above mentioned support gems with lightning strike you should be hitting pretty hard.

At Lv. 45 with a mace (mind you - not a scepter which gives +element damage) that hit roughly 48-90 + 1-55 Lightning damage I was hitting for 800+ DPS

So to answer your question, your problem would be with your gear or support gems - those 3 nodes would help also that's +18% Lightning damage.

Link your gear so we can help you out better!

IGN Suojata
Completed 7 ChallengesCNKalmah wrote:
Thanks Akiyl,

Now my best choice here is to swap out Lightning Damage on Tempest shield for it?

Yup, i think thats the gem id swap out!
I've been running this build up til 40, but I have a few questions.

Do you find yourself having mana problems? Perhaps this is a case of me leveling my skill gems too high, my LS is up to level 10 and I can usually spam it off about 5-6 times before I run out of mana. Could I get an idea of how you manage your skill levels to have no problems with mana?

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