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0.11.1c Patch Notes

But what about the additional damage being done by white monsters?
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Love you guys, but you really should have given us some kind of warning when this bug was discovered. In game would have been nice, since many people don't check the forums everyday. I really hope you do so in the future. RIP HC/OS chars =(
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Qarl wrote:

  • The unique item Tipua Kaikohuru has had its name changed to The Goddess Bound.

Now if only that bloody sword would drop for me!
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Damn, yeah after i got died twice, and i think my chara become weaker.
Thx for my 30% gone.
banes312 wrote:

It was a bug.

Most likely a cicada.
level 79 dead on onslaught from this.
The unique item Tipua Kaikohuru has had its name changed to The Goddess Bound. Hellbringer has been changed to Voidbringer. Old items will still have the old name, while new ones that drop will have the new one.

Glad I have a Tipua because I always thought the name was nifty.

Any chance we will see the exploit swapping Covenant/Malachai's in just to cast auras soon? Same for removing reduced mana, remote mining spectres, etc. Maybe this could be a major project for you guys now that damage/life mechanics have been changed.
sherkhan wrote:
Nerf exalts.

Also, didn't notice the "increased damage" caused by rares and uniques. Does this mean my build will be OP after the patch?

No, it means you played in a group.

Honestly, the damage bug was so obvious to anyone not grouped within 2 mins of the patch, but group overkill hid it.

Just every so often a group member got caught out.

It was amazing that map groups farmed for hours with this bug.
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Just wondering, how much more damage were the monsters doing than they are supposed to do?

a shit ton - basically not playable on onslaught
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