0.11.1c Patch Notes

Version 0.11.1c
  • Fixed a bug introduced in 0.11.1 where magic/rare/unique monsters did too much damage.
  • The Demon King Horns microtransaction effect now fully replaces the existing helmet art of the character.
  • The unique item Tipua Kaikohuru has had its name changed to The Goddess Bound. Hellbringer has been changed to Voidbringer. Old items will still have the old name, while new ones that drop will have the new one.
  • Fixed a bug with the Energy Shield depletion sound repeating when degenerating and regenerating simultaneously.
  • Volume adjustments have made to Energy Shield sounds based on community feedback.
  • Fix a bug where Shield Charge Multistrike hits after the first did no damage.

Note: The challenge for Tipua Kaikohuru/The Goddess Bound will still list the old name, but will work with the item with either name.

After I die.. thx
IGN: Hochep
All we love we leave behind.

IGN: Invectives
No rollback? wtf ...
Will this patch include a buff to the drop rates of eternal/exalted orbs?
derrrppp! :D
Beta member since 0.9.8
Sounds like this includes the Righteous Fire Low Life sound a few of us had? Makes sense with the ES regen stuff. Yes?
Took a 2 year break, but I'm back.
Just wondering, how much more damage were the monsters doing than they are supposed to do?
PartzPOE wrote:
No rollback? wtf ...

Of course not. Way too exploitable.

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