[0.10.0] Low-Life/Pain Attunement Caster Shadow

This Low-Life Build looks awesome!
I'll need to try this :) But I have a few questions.
I like the idea of Zealot's Oath and I want to use it in one of my characters and this style could make the best use out of it. Now I was just thinking about the EK build that uses Ghost Reaver instead of Zealot's to keep ES up but wouldn't it increase the tanking ability by a lot if you would take both Key Stones (GR and ZO)? So you just need to use one HP bottle to regain your life if you get hit by chaos damage. That would be just my way of trying this already good looking build. What do you think about using Ghost Reaver and Zealot's Oath together to increase the "save" zone before you really need to be careful? I think it would be a waste to take points in Lifereg. and dont use it because you have a big ES. (Or bad gear and being able to use the lifereg. a lot because your ES drops from time to time) I mean it is self explaining that you could need the %HP reg. if you ES drops and you need to stay alife but if your gear is good enough I would like to be able to tank a lot of stuff with my ES. Im not a that experienced play so I can't say that this will be possible but I was just thinking about the combination if you and your gear are good enough. And because I dont know much about the late-late game it could be that you definetly need the regeneration because you just need the constantly regaining ES to negate a bit of the incoming damage :) All in all; I just want to hear your oppinion on this and a little bit of information of what it would be in the late game.

And could you imagine this build in PvP? Wich tweaks could I do to increase the effectiveness in PvP? Maybe ideas for late game PvP or thinks I may need to do or farm for lvl 28 PvP because Im not experienced in that way eather. I just want to know beacuse my friends and me like it to duel wich level 28 characters from time to time :D

(and sorry for the wall of text. Im just impressed by the effort you put in your guides and the different builds and ideas you can realise in PoE ^^ )
So considering you remade the build I was wondering if it was possible to add in more crit (really liked the crit concept from the old one) but witohut the life from the templar or would it be too weak?
I'm playing on softcore so it doesn't matter too much but I was wondering if it relied on having that many life nodes or that is purely to make the spec work on hardcore (I don't plan on dying alot ofc but the ocational instant gib can be tolerated). Mostly cause there is so far to the templar tree and with 10 or so nodes spend on crit it would be rough.
so the name of the gem is exactly cold to fire gem or whats the name exactly ? tnx.
Necrotic wrote:
so the name of the gem is exactly cold to fire gem or whats the name exactly ? tnx.

ya it's the cold to fire gem. It's not for this build though! it's another one
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and for this build can someone say what is the exact name for gem ? tnx.
I see you've changed the guide and added a crafting guide.

Although I found the crafting guide highly educational and interesting, there is something that still leaves me wondering:

- You (or someone else?) stated that a 6S item would always give 7 jeweller orbs - how is this defined? Is there a guide on this too? (What to sell for which items?)
Quick question on this build CI Coldfire Crit Caster Double Hex Shadow

I'm level 42 atm and was wondering...why CI but no Ghost Reaver? Wouldn't that be incredibly viable for later difficulties?

Would it be worth it to lose some nodes to head for Ghost Reaver?
I've been working on one of the new model Pain Attunement EK guys that the OP was updated to and I've hit a bit of a stumbling block around level 34. EK does fantastic AoE and crowdsweeps amazingly well but the build seems to be entirely lacking in single target damage. Even with 2 bear trap gems for double the ammo bear trap is not nearly enough damage to kill any remotely dangerous boss due to its limited ammo. Using EK on bosses is a gigantic mana sink for almost no return at this level.

Am I missing something? I literally could not kill General Gravicius solo because his eshield would regenerate before my bear traps reloaded.
Hello! I am pretty new in this game but after some study of your build I decided I like it and I am trying at this moment =)

I am level 35 only, I started yesterday with this.

I have two questions for you:

1- Apart of the items that works with low life, what items should I use? atm I am using daggers with magical bonusses, but I don't know if I am doing right.

2- What do you think about fire build? it should give crazy damage isn't? can you give me pros/con of this?

Thank you so much.

1. Just stack any item that gives you high ES., high life and chaos resists to improve your survivability :)

2. To be honest, if you have the right gear, the different elemental build should all yield crazy damage :)
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The first Righteous Fire/Non-Shavronne's/Shavronne's HC
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