[0.10.0] Low-Life/Pain Attunement Caster Shadow

I've been running the EK build and love it. I've been thinking though. Now that I'm using Daresso's shield, would it perhaps be preferred to drop one of my auras in favour of tempest shield? With the added ability to damage casters that Daresso's provides do you think it would outweigh the benefits of the lost aura?
What about new unique chest Shavronne's Wrappings ? Did you test it ?
With the upcoming patch, you'll now be able to roll light radius on gear. This really helps mitigate one of this build's main weaknesses.

Hopefully theyll have a useful low life unique with huge light radius on low life as a bonus.
I am just wondering if this build is still viable? I have been building an EK version (lvl 43) but just realised the last response here was in march ......

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