[0.10.0] Low-Life/Pain Attunement Caster Shadow

Since the low-life builds need more love, let's bump this one real quick.

Got a question though, if you run the EK version here, won't you be needing more dex nodes to keep leveling Bear Trap (for example). It already costs over 100 dex at lvl12 (req lvl46), without +all atr or +dex in your gear, you'll never get there with just 1 +30 dex node and 1 +20 node, will you? Without extra gearstats, you'd be at 72 dex at that point.

Next to that, can you go through the witch starting area (cast speed nodes and the like) to get to Inner Force? Instead of taking the walk around with small int nodes or would that be 'wasting' some points you're better off putting somewhere else?

Something in the lines of this: EK/Pain Attunement ? (I know this is a 120 pt build)
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What's your opinion on going for increased block with the EK build? (And using Dareso's/Stone of Lazhwar to provide spell block with it).

You lose a bit of crit and the projectile damage bonus from the Shadow area but I figure you'd gain in survivability.

Something like: EK/Block
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I kind of already answered my own dexterity question by picking the first +30 dex node earlier on, didn't have any trouble after that but maybe it could be included in the skill tree progression just for future players or something.
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thanks for the headsup! put the dex node in.

@zinsho - sure! feel free to modify the build accordingly :)
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inva i didnt see thsi thread before, but i was thinking about a similar thing (starting as marauder but basically the same idea):Passive skill tree build

Only, this also combines the other ridiculous idea you had, RF + ES + regen :D

I did that thing a few days ago and was thinking to myself, if i actually pull this off and get the proper gear for it (in the late future obivously) this will do absolutely ridiculous damage with any spell, but especially with EK.. reflect will be instant death obviosuly so not HC viable.

what do you reckon?

PS: you have show me this build in-game at some point! you didnt tell me youre doing this thing, im really curious to see what you did here
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Congrats your build just got a huge buff thanks to the new CI chest
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indeed it has! :) Never saw that coming haha. Although tbh this build didn't take the new unique into consideration, hence all the HP nodes. Players who are building around the new unique shouldn't take that many HP nodes.
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Shouldn't be hard to improvise a new Shavronne's Oriented build though. Just scrap all HP nodes and focus on dps
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Didn't feel Like searching through pages so I'll post this on reserving exactly 65% Health.

With a 40% percent Aura (Purity or Vitality) Linking with Blood Magic Level 13 and Level 20 Reduced Mana gives you exactly 64.752% Which I think will be round up, but if not Level 12 gives us a 65.664 and that is certainly just enough to get it.
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