Upcoming patch schedule and Open Beta date estimate

UPDATE (July 25): Now that 0.9.11 is out, we've posted a follow-up.

We expect that Path of Exile will enter Open Beta in mid-August. At that point our final character wipe will occur and the game will be permanently available for everyone to play.

Once we enter Open Beta, we will stop selling the current set of Supporter Packs and will instead offer other options for purchasing micro-transaction credit. If you want to buy a Kiwi pet, you will need to do so while Path of Exile is still in Closed Beta.

Many people who have supported Path of Exile financially will receive physical goods posted to them (such as t-shirts, posters, copies of the game and soundtrack). We are about to start preparing these and we expect that they will be printed and posted before August.

A few months ago, we stated that we hoped to enter Open Beta in June. Some of the crucial features that we must enter Open Beta with are not yet finished, so we will delay the Open Beta until they are. As mentioned above, we expect that this will be mid-August. While we strongly believe that this estimate is accurate, we will update it over time if work progresses ahead or behind of schedule.

One of the advantages of not having a publisher is that we are able to create our own deadlines without being forced to open up the game to the public in an unfinished state. While I am sure that many of our patient fans are disappointed by this announcement, please rest assured that the game is almost done - lucky testers (and our generous supporters) have been playing the Closed Beta for ten months and can hopefully attest to our high quality standards.

Here's the plan for the last remaining patches before Open Beta. The patches will take approximately three weeks each, and will be available to Alpha testers a week before they are deployed to the Beta realm.

0.9.10: Will be deployed Tuesday, June 5. I've discussed its contents here.

0.9.11: Among other changes, this patch will enable the new end-game (which we have been hinting at for a while) and the Act Two final boss. It will include the ability to swap between weapon sets.

0.9.12: This patch will fix most of the issues with Minions. It will also introduce PvP arenas and the ability to challenge other players to duel. We expect to improve the Brutus fight in this patch as well.

0.9.13: A secure trade screen and substantial update to server stability and capacity is scheduled for this patch.

0.10.0: The official Open Beta release, which we expect will be deployed a week or so after 0.9.13. It will have Act Three enabled, voice acting for most of the NPCs and characters, as well as a range of cosmetic micro-transactions to purchase.

There are hundreds of minor bug fixes and small features such as additional skill gems and monsters scheduled during the above timeline as well, but they are too small to individually list here.

While the Closed Beta has expanded in features and some content in the last year, most of our artists have been working on Act Three. Here's a teaser of some of their recent work.
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Looks fantastic *_*

And (I think) most of us are thankful that you want to take the time to polish the game... Nothing worst than a game released in an unfinished state because some marketer decided so :)
Even in town you see around 20 will be an option for seeing lot of people for trades?
Good to hear, love all the updates.
Nice information, thank you!
Is there a possibility to be an Alfa tester?
I play from Israel and this provieds a feedback for distance play as lags and others
Sweet news Chris ! Can´t wait to show case it all ! =)

Around 90h of PoE Content made and spread across Scandinavia. Now invading Europe & US
While it saddens me that this game will be in closed beta for a little while longer (although now I can justify my recently purchased Supporter pack a little more), it is really amazing to see developers actually communicate with the fans to such great lengths as GGG does. Keep up the great work!
That's the way for great game 100 % agree with the one above me
great work keep like that wish to help as much as can
Super awesome updates man, glad to see you guys aren't rushing things out, and that you have a firm plan in mind. Super excited for a lot of these changes. Keep up the good work!

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