3.21.1 Patch Notes

Thank you very much for fixing one of my favorite MTX effects.

Now I can finally use the Synthesis Crown Attachment once again, thanks for this small change that means a lot to me! :D
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Instant skills bound to left-click now behave the same as when "Move only" is bound to left-click, for the purposes of movement and interactions. This fixes an issue where your character could move to un-intended locations when moving with an instant skill bound to left-click.
The Forged Slithering Snake can now be desecrated.

First time i put an instant skill on my left click (focus) noticed after a while

it prevent me from going into portals etc. Pretty nice fix
trickdaemon wrote:
Could ya'll tune the totem crucible node so it doesn't force the people that are abusing it to not have fun by following cookie cutter metagoblin bs :P

Why does it even bother you? Let people have fun, this league is rather boring honestly.
Good evening, i'm from Ukraine.
nice fixes, also not sure if thats placebo but the game feels a bit smoother for me after the update
Pika pika!
I was really hoping for something good... now I'm just disappointed.

This league mechanic is terrible. The rest of the league is fine, but so unrewarding to do the crucible crap. I do T16 crucibles at 100%, beat down the unique mobs and they drop less loot than a trash white mob. I've revealed a ton of weapons, and not even 1 divine node the entire league.

As for getting a good weapon? I use a unique for my build, so it's even more frustrating to try for that. When geodes are about as a rare divines for me, what's the point in trying for a perfect passive tree... I'll settle for the mid-range one I have.

Why don't the unique mobs drop a guaranteed geode, or something crucible related at bare minimum to make it at least feel worthwhile killing them. I just don't understand why everything needs to be so barren. It's like you copy/pasted the mobs from Ruthless over, drop tables and all.
Man its so weird see ppl cry with less than 10 challenges. Like, you are not playing game, but still crying. I can understand ppl, who playing league and frustrated after patches like this, but afk dudes? Its meh
Maybe rename "Cycling Damage Reduction" to "Cycling Damage Vulnerability" since this entire time I thought based on the name the monster cycled ONE element it had giga reduction to rather than one that it DOESN'T get reduction against. No wonder that mod feels like absolute shit to deal with.

Agreed! I always thought this meant cycling the element that it resisted, rather than cycling the element it did not resist. No wonder they feel like a bloody chore.

The "Defeat 100 Rare Crucible Monsters" and "Defeat 50 Unique Crucible Monsters" conditions for the Towering Titans challenge no long require the Forge of the Titans area to be level 84. The other two conditions for this challenge still require an area level of 84.
Updated the Ever-Extending Evolution challenge to have "Crucible Passive Skill Tree with at least 11 Skills" as an outcome that awards credit (previously 13 skills).
The Ever-Extending Evolution challenge now considers a Crucible Passive Skill Tree to be "fully allocated" if the allocation path reaches an end.

Making already ridiculously easy challenges even more easier. I don't like this direction its going in :(

GGG please keep the challenges at least remotely challenging. Its getting way too easy every league.
FIX the god damn stashes moving.
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