3.21.1 Patch Notes

Still not fond of some of the rare mods in the pool, but it's fairly tolerable now at least.

The league mechanic, while powerful, feels very underwhelming to interact with. Feels like Scourge mixed with the original Archnemesis. Having to sit there and channel to juice it up can be dangerous if you aren't diligent about clearing the area around it also.

Still having fun though. Keep up the good work :)
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I have lost faith in GGG these days, they seem to not care as much anymore. Guess i'm quitting the league earlier than expected. Base game is is an ok place but is still pretty bad with AN affixes hidden on mobs and the league mechanic is the worst they have ever done. League mechanics are meant to be fun and rewarding, not gatered behind leayers of RNG with overtuned mobs and terrible rewards. I couldn't care less about poe2 at this point, the last 3 years of poe have been pretty bad. Two good leagues, Sanctum and Sentinel, which was carried by loot explosions. I'm gutted the game is in such a weird place but the last 3 years have not convinced me it's going to get better. And get rid of ruthless, noone cares.
Saqawal's Flock?

I'm still blown away by the changes of 3.21.0c
Gde dengi? bumazhnye
Didn't fix a bug with Nimis not returning Kinetic Blast projectiles as it should.
Vrode norm
IrishRoyal wrote:
Didn't fix a bug with Nimis not returning Kinetic Blast projectiles as it should.

"Map Complete" now displays on the screen overlay when you have defeated the boss(es) in that Map.

I was asking for this for like 8 years. FINALLY. Thanks
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cycling damage reduction is +80 percent still.



what are you doing????

this is really really bad.
WAY too long! It’s like you saved all these up for a rainy day. Be more agile and iterative. Hot fix when appropriate. No point waiting for waiting sake. Ultimately, as a NORMAL player and not an employed game developer, I got farther than I should have through these patch notes then TLDR. Not a great gamer experience, if bothered at all. Please know the majority of your audience and not the few.

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