3.21.1 Patch Notes

"Map Complete" now displays on the screen overlay when you have defeated the boss(es) in that Map.

Cool. Took only almost a decade for this.
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Only usable with Ethanol Flasks
With nerfing players (allowing ailments to apply if they are under 300ms duration) that have already invested currency and items into the Firesong jewel to prevent ailments, are you going to compensate them somehow? Such as changing firesong to be "avoid" instead of just applying to ailment duration? or make the ailment nerf NOT apply to players?

Otherwise, this is a pretty shitty change to nerf things players have ALREADY invested in, mid-league.
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Echothesis wrote:
Reading other games patch notes: excited about something new added or improved.

Reading PoE patch notes: every line, just hope it won't brick my characters out of nowhere, or make my chosen content to have even less loot. And even after the notes, have to enter game and check loot before "phew, missed this time" :kap:

This is truly a unique reputation they've developed, a game that actively hammers down its own players and is proud of it.

Yes, in most cases build nerfs can be worked around eventually and with more investment, but why on earth should customers do all that? Was 10 years not enough to figure out the balance enough so no direct removal of specific builds is needed?

This, GGG is making more and more bad decision every patch. 0 Balance, the game design is getting worse and worse.
Nerf WHOLE archtype cause of 1 skill beeing op.
I am not really enjoying this game anymore, cause i know if i play a decent build = next patch bye.
Or i Need to change every 2 month cause they just cant allow us to have fun. Why ??
Why are you nerfing all time things.
Just lets us have some fun.
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theres a bug with the empowered entalgement challenge as ive used the pit map which is monster level 83 from voidstones and the unique crucible enemy i needed to kill for the challenge didnt count when killing it which im guessing is because that map was a low tier map. please fix this thanks
retracted because being under 10 challenges really matters 😂 /s
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What an awesome patch. Some nice long-standing fixes/QOL stuff too!

I LOVE the boss completion on the overlay!
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"Map Complete" now displays on the screen overlay when you have defeated the boss(es) in that Map.

Where is this helpful note? Cant find it :/
Haven't seen a Map Complete message as stated in patch notes since the patch.
"Map Complete" now displays on the screen overlay when you have defeated the boss(es) in that Map.

I find this info to be inaccurate. It should say "Boss defeated" or something like that. Just because I've killed the boss doesn't mean I completed the map - there might still be other content or even regular mobs left.

But ok, I'll read it as: :"boss done"
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Instant skills bound to left-click now behave the same as when "Move only" is bound to left-click, for the purposes of movement and interactions. This fixes an issue where your character could move to un-intended locations when moving with an instant skill bound to left-click.

This made me super happy to read that it might give enough QoL to some jank I tried building a while ago to be playable.

Unfortunately, Since right about this patch, I've been struggling with Essences - specifically it feels like I'm getting frozen or stunned when releasing them, I thought maybe it was my mouse inputs failing as sometimes spam clicking items in inventor to trade/stash didn't register, and finally pulled this trigger on a new mouse. I am having the exact same issue even with a brand new mouse.

I have 103% ailment avoid (203% freeze avoid with pantheon) and have never noticed this issue in the hundreds/thousands of essence monsters I have released this league prior to a few days ago. (Randy_Crucible is the char)

I can make a bug report, but I feel like this might be related to this specific change. It's frustrating and hard to tell what's happening - it's possible others are experiencing this and just didn't notice this line of the patch notes as excitedly as I did.

Thank you for all of your hard work!

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