3.21.0c Hotfix

So GGG just nerfed the skill damage output by 60% to 80% by capping the proc rate and did no damage buff to compensate?

And they say they don't nerf skills mid-league...
Honestly this is beyond frustrating
I just dumped all of my currency into this build and woke up to a 50-80% nerf with the reasoning being for server stability?
No flat damage adjustment to compensate. IMAGINE if they did this to lightning arrow/Tshot/iceshot or toxic rain
theres probably 100 people or less playing twister and its "still stronger with trigger bots" ??? im a chieftan and i dont want to play trigger bots. Stronger is relative its been borderline unplayable for leagues

Please give a damage buff to compensate for the loss of procs and loss of enjoyment. It wasnt cheap to get the gear for this build and the resale value just got deleted

AGAIN the only reason this isnt getting blown up is its non meta so unless theres a compensation buff to base damage or other aspects of tornado im done with the league

P.S "still very powerful" surely doesnt feel that way
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Nice priorities, unnanounced nerfs to builds instead of making the league better.
Nice, I only farmed currency for a week to see my build get giga-nerfed
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Legit issue. Poor way of resolving it. Common devs... you ain't new at this.

Buff the skill's damage so it does a similar amount of DPS as before.

*sigh* I wish GGG spent more time buffing non-meta skills instead. I want more build diversity, not less.
R.I.P. 1-tick Twister 3.21 - 3.21

I played 2-tick Twister on a Chieftain last league and loved it. It wasn't anything insane but it got the job done for me.

Looking over the new numbers, I have some concerns.

While I think we are able to get back to 2-tick twister again this league, that is only due to the crucible trees. If we lose the crucible trees next league, I'm pretty confident 2-tick twister is dead on anything other than a Shadow (which hilariously enough is the only class to also have trigger bots).
It will be next to impossible to get all the reduced duration in addition to all the required CDR without Sabo's CDR node.

After this league (assuming we lose crucible trees):
Anyone that wants to play 2-tick twister will be forced to take Sabo's CDR node, which shoehorns us into the Shadow class. If you want to play 2-tick Twister WITH trigger bots, you MUST go Sabo.

Very unfortunate.

If I did my math correctly, we will need roughly 53% CDR allow for 2-tick Twister. Currently, that is difficult but not impossible to get between boots, belt, and at a few abyssal jewels. Next league, we will be back to needing both the Saqawal gloves and boots. Losing the CDR on the boots means you either need to take the Sabo node or somehow cram in a total of 11 abyssal jewels.

Good luck with that.
Pretty cut and dry, give us back the 67% damage we lost.
it feels terrible to play again now after it felt great with 1 tick tornado but not enough people are playing it for them to care
i doubt we get a compensation buff or even hear anything in regards
im still flabbergasted that they cut our damage this much and said "yeah this is still fine"
Try that with toxic rain or fire trap or Tshot LA or Iceshot LOL they would revert it within 24 hrs
While I'm happy that you're working towards server stability, it's very disappointing to be hit by this out of nowhere after spending the first week of a league crafting towards a build only to have it changed this drastically.

As others have written, non-saboteur versions get hit hard by this change, and a simple change would have been to numerically adjust it upwards as well, it's by no means an overpowered build when compared to others.

This is the kind of thing that very much makes those of us that played this build consider quitting the league outright, and leaves a sour taste for the future in terms of experimenting with builds that aren't the confirmed meta.
yikes that really sucks
Curiosity is followed by ambition. Ambition, is followed by madness.
Simple fix, Dont let trigger bots interact with tornado.
Im not playing trigger bots and now the build is basically bricked for power levels when it wasnt even overpowered to begin with

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