3.21.0c Hotfix

Could we get some sign from GGG if this is even still being reviewed (e.g. base dmg buff), or that that's it for Twister? To summarise the arguments:

1. This was not an unintended interaction, as GGG's own BotW shows that the correct strategy to scale the build is to trigger as many twisters as possible. Players were not abusing some bug and thus should not be punished for it. Most of us did not even experience any instance crashes at 30 triggers a second.

2. The build was clearly not overpowered, even before the hotfix. While we can accept that the proc rate need to be adjusted for more stable servers, this change could have been accompanied with base damage buffs, so that the overall strength of the build is not significantly nerfed. This would enable GGG to achieve stable servers, and not go against their core philosophy to limit mid-league nerfs.

In addition, the communication approach on this has been disappointing to say the least. A single short para with a hotfix on a Friday followed by radio silence, no justification on claims made (e.g. that you can still proc twice as many, and that the build is still strong). This is not the GGG we know.
This is not the GGG we know.

No offense - but I simply cannot read over this without having to file an informal complaint about your decidedly too liberal use of the First Person Plural form here. I'd really have preferred another form there, thx.

"Boah, is echt lächerlich, wie schnell das hier lädt, wenn nich irgendwelche Penner mit MTX hier rumhängen."
MrBubuX wrote:
Meanwhile ward loopers go BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR


You complain that a skill got a 100ms cooldown and counter that with a build which has 165ms cooldown? Mhh, ok.
> Fixed a bug which allowed the Bestiary craft using The Black Morrigan Recipe to not respect item socket rules.

This company can't get any worse.
Really disappointing that we are just getting ignored
its not like this build was insta phasing ubers or actually broken from a gameplay standpoint and now it just feels terrible to play.
oh well its not meta guess ill just be done with the league. very disappointed in how ggg handled this adding a cooldown taking 67% of our damage and 90% of the fun
Any communication at all about how this skill is DEAD once Crucible trees are gone? Losing 20% reduced skill effect duration and 30% CDR, plus our boots and gloves slots (another 20% CDR option from boots), making it only possible on Shadows going Saboteur or using Forbidden Flesh/Flame jewels to get the 30% CDR without crazy investment into abyss jewels. This on top of the fact that ONLY Saboteur specifically will be able to get the SAME amount of Twisters as past leagues (not twice as many, like this post inaccurately claims) due to needing the CDR node and Triggerbots.
I'm blown away.
This should be much less of a headache than it is.

Please, not everyone who was affected actually wrote a response here.
Most just do not know why the build is so bad in comparison to what it used to be. It's not a meta build like some others, it's very simple and a cool mechanic and now has absolutely no information about the changes except this forum thread. This assumed acceptable change gutted the build even if you invest in CDR, but no information was added anywhere else so it can be assumed it's not permanent. These things weren't supposed to happen anymore due to backlash. I was blindsided when I was asked by a friend why I'm making a nerfed build after having fully invested myself in it, having made 3 characters trying to figure out why the damage was terrible and things were not making sense.

Please respond. What's going on here?
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okay okay, I get it. balance is hard, the design was indeed to be hard.

Please just say more? Talking about things is actually cool! We're shooting for cool, not easy... Let's go!!! annnnnd response*!
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