[3.22] Vaal Venom Gyre - Pathfinder (We have Mageblood and Headhunter at home)

Thanks for answering and glad to hear it should more or less work! Your build looks quite interesting and I wanted to try it out in 3.21

Another question I have is whether you know if possibly the Zerphi's Heart bug where it doesn't activate Soul Eater sometimes with Vaal Venom Gyre was fixed?

Unsure if its fixed, patch notes didn't mention it so I'm assuming it wasn't.
Infiltrator wrote:
Build looks very interesting and really op for mapping, but what about ubers and tough bosses?

It can do all of the bosses, but I'm not sure about ubers. I think if you're good enough its doable, but you wont be face tanking all mechanics and insta phasing Ubers. The real juice comes from Soul Eater, which pretty much doesn't get utilized on bosses.
20% reduction from the lesser Exarch helm implicit.
how to have this opt ? sorry im still newbie
Douglasaz wrote:
20% reduction from the lesser Exarch helm implicit.
how to have this opt ? sorry im still newbie

In maps a class of items called Eldritch Embers will start dropping. When used on non-Unique, non-Influenced items they grant various implicits at random, the attack mana reduction is one of them.

So you either have to:
- farm those currency items (the lesser variant that we need here drops everywhere in map area levels, higher ones drop from maps you choose to influence with Searing Exarch)
- buy them from someone else
- buy a helmet already crafted that way.
- if you are lucky it can also drop with this implicit but not a big chance it will be of base you'd need

It looks like this:
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This will be my league starter for 3.21. AMAZING Guide. A few quick questions.

Would you be able to update the leveling trees to 3.21 as well? (I would just hit the update button but I don't know if there will be changes you would make to level easier.)

I have no interest in farming ubers. So, would we benifit by taking the +1 Proj skill point?

Would it be better to transition to a OMNI deadeye late game with the end of the original sin ring?

Again, AMAZING build! Can't wait to play. You're a legend!
No Master Surgeon, Field Medicine or Natural Remedies?


I feel like any PF build without that node and getting it juiced is just *wrong*.
Is this Leauge start viable or is it a no go?
I feel like it needs a lot of investment to start working properly, so maybe good as second character or if you're willing to no-life it for 3-4 days on leaguestart to get as much currency as possible.
To league start the specific min-max tree/gear that's listed in the pob is ofc a tad hard to pull off, but the general gist of it should be quite attainable, even with a wasp nest and no clusters. I don't think anyone expects to have the full setup working, with the extra forbidden flame/flesh jewel, and the "mageblood at home" aspect in a league starter.

Also, in regards to not picking master surgeon/life flask nodes, I feel having constant automated flasks that heal for 4% every time they pop is better/more QoL than having to press a life flask every so often. It's an option ofc, and you can adjust the tree accordingly, I myself am going for a more lgoh oriented tree with the 15% chance to lgoh 200, with the amount of hits/proj that should keep me happy during early maps.

I'm also starting a few days late due to easter and all that, so perhaps Zerphi/Asenath have dropped in price already by then...But snoobae is starting as Poison tornado shot, with both those items, which is making me a tad concerned price-wise.

You can ofc also just start with a regular "hit" venom gyre build, heck even Kobe's deadeye variant, and pivot to this once you get the gear
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Any chance this will be updated before launch today?
It looks awesome and wanted to play it as a league starter :D

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