[3.22] Vaal Venom Gyre - Pathfinder (We have Mageblood and Headhunter at home)

still gud?
Lixer wrote:
still gud?

Yep, tattoos are still a question, but not much else changed
It seems to me that this build struggles a lot with mana reservation. The 1% increased efficiency of mana reservation tattoo (hatungo) might be huge, it goes on any small attribute node and if you have any excess of attributes over zerphis needs it might make the reduced mana cost of skills and focus on manaanagement much more doable. Still looking through major tattoos
Edit: 15% reduced effect of shock on you (valako scout) would free up a flask suffix. Maybe put chill And freeze back and free up the boot affix. Not sure
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Hey everyone. Currently running build and it's fun. However i struggle a bit with mana costs. I have 6l Vaal VG, both rings with -7 cost, helmet with 24% redused mana cost of attacks and still my VG costs 13 mana. That means that i won't be able to reduce its cost to 0 with Watcher's Eye no matter what. What am i doing wrong?
UPD: Seems that my VG has 35 mana full manacost in POB and here it's only 27 and i don't understand why

UPD2: I forgot about Anomalous GMP. Just stoobid
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I'm wanting to play your build but a had a question about your claw.
Did you craft it yourself? If yes could you try to give a rundown about it?

Because I can't figure it out.
There is also nothing on the market that comes close in damage to your end game claw.

Kind regards
Hey been following your build for a hot minute now, I am just at a cross road right now deciding what will benefit me more to upgrade. I've been looking at expensive claws on the market and haven't found anything that really boosts my DPS, would you suggest getting malevolence with an Enlighten support instead of a new claw?

This is my current build if you have a chance to see this post

Similar question on the claw, I'm not sure where to go on claw as the endgame one in POB appears to be Crucible.

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