[3.22] Vaal Venom Gyre - Pathfinder (We have Mageblood and Headhunter at home)

Minimal changes for 3.22, good to go!

League Start Notes:

Progression Checklist:

This is also located in the Notes tab in the PoB
These can really go in any order but this is how I did it:

League start checklist:

Priority #1: Zerphis Heart and rings that allow you to use it.
Priority #2: the correct Topaz/Ruby/Sapphire flasks
Priority #3: a six link chest
Priority #4: a decent flask mod belt
Priority #5: a decent claw
Priority #6: Asenath's gloves
Priority #7: a correctly colored, and then six linked The Covenant.
Priority #8: a good helmet with spell suppression
Priority #9: Atziris Step boots

Solve mana checklist:

Priority #10: a reduced mana cost Clarity Watcher's Eye
Priority #11: good rings with an open prefix for reduced mana cost craft
Priority #12: Anomolous Greater Multiple Projectiles
Priority #13: -20% mana cost exarch helmet implicit

Priority #14: Atziri's Reflection
Priority #15: the correct Jade/Quartz flasks

End game checklist:

Priority #16: cluster jewels
Priority #17: Forbidden Flame/Flesh
Priority #18: a good abyssal belt with flask mod
Priority #19: a really good claw
Priority #20: a +1 Level of socketed gems Asenaths
Priority #21: a Level 4 Enlighten
Priority #22: Divergent Malevolence
Priority #23: Awakened gems
Priority #24: freeze/chill immune boots
Priority #25: a good Timeless Jewel
Priority #26: level 100
Priority #27: gg abyssal jewels

PoB snapshots:
The PoB below includes snapshots of my gear/passive tree at various spots, if you'd like a more indepth look at what gearing this build looks like.


Build Concept:

________________Short Build Overview________________

This build was entirely made around Zerphi's Heart

and having perma flask uptime from Pathfinder.

Giving us a pseudo Mageblood and Headhunter effect.

TLDR Gimme PoB:

Last update: 5/4/23, game version 3.21

Latest version note: Added checklist in the notes tab.

Build Features:

100% flask uptime🍾
Over capped ele res🔥❄️⚡
32% less ele damage taken🔥❄️⚡
Stun immunity🔨
Curse immunity🪄
Freeze immunity🧊
Chill immunity❄️
Shock immunity⚡
Crit immunity🛡️
Corrupted blood, and bleed immunity🩹
Capped Spell Suppression💯
Capped chaos res✅
3% HP recovery on kill💞
4% HP recovery on flask use💞
Soul Eater buff🍴
Chaos damage (no reflect worries)✅
Corpse destruction (minimal on death effects)✅
No mana costs🍾
Extremely fast clear⏩
Incremental upgrades⏫
Almost no startup cost💵
Easy gameplay😎
Interesting mechanics that even new players can understand😲

Gameplay Videos

T16 City Square - Juiced: https://youtu.be/gonB9sS58Nk
T16 Strand - Juiced https://youtu.be/EvXVFHrJTg0

More coming eventually


Everything from here on down is about the nitty gritty mechanics and progression of the build.

Priority Gear In Order of Importance:
Zerphi's asap, since this item is the whole point of the build. Allocate Whispers of Doom once you get Asenath's gloves.

Life, Int, Chaos res, open craftable prefix rings. Allows us to solve mana (see solving mana section) and use our int gems. Strength is a luxury stat, only go for rings with this once you have a ton of currency. Any bonus ele resistances you can lump in are always good, but not mandatory.

Everything below this is non mandatory, but is either a quality of life or big damage upgrade. You can absolutely function without them.


Asenath's allows us to apply temp chains automatically and also destroys corpses so we don't have to deal with on death effects. It is mostly a quality of life item, but it also gives us pretty good damage increase.


Reduced flask charges used is the big mod we want on a belt. (see flask section for details) Plus chaos res and as much life as you can get. Ele resists are a bonus.


For a cheap starting shield you can run Leper's, it also gives pseudo ailment immunity, but the ultimate goal is:

This gives us even more damage, and curse immunity.

Body Armor:
A well rolled Dendrobate is good enough to start, just purchase a good one and six link it yourself. (make sure to get the correct colors and then 20% quality it first)

After you get some currency The Covenant is BiS for damage. (Coloring and six linking it yourself is usually cheaper again)


Searching for a claw can be tough since there are so many mods that work positively for us. Instead of searching for a million different combos of mods, set max elemental DPS to 0, and play around with the flat damage and attack speed values on the trade site:

You can "try before you buy" by copying the items stats and importing it into PoB to see the DPS effect it has on your current character.

Stat priority should be: As much non ele dmg as possible > attack speed > chaos damage over time > chaos dot multi. The two examples below are a 25c then a 25div claw.


In this section, any numbers highlighted in yellow are the worst values allowed.

Before 3rd Ascendancy:

While leveling, your flasks should be something like this:

Life Flask:
Just use the best life flask you can.

We won't be using a life flask for very long.

Mana Flask:
If you want to use a shield, an enduring mana flask is required until we solve mana.

Otherwise we can dual wield claws, and take the life/mana on hit mastery for now.

Mana flasks without the "enduring" prefix, turn off once your mana reaches full. Since we have so much reserved mana, this happens very quickly, and you need to constantly press your mana flask to be able to attack.

Ruby, Topaz, and Sapphire Flasks:
These flasks are for capping our resists and also taking reduced elemental damage.

Since these flasks last so long, and use so little charges, you can get these to have permanent uptime after your 1st ascendancy, or at about level 33.

Either increased duration, increased charge recovery, or reduced charges used, all work to achieve permanent uptime.

We aren't targeting any suffixes for now, so use whatever you get, just avoid any reduced "duration" or "effect" mods.

After your 3rd ascendancy:
Once we've reached our 3rd ascendancy, we can think about replacing our life/mana flasks. The flasks we're going to replace them with have a much shorter duration, and use more charges than the Elemental Resist Flasks. So we need a few things to get them to have permanent uptime.

First we're going to need to allocate 2 nodes:

Then we're going to need:

to quality each flask to 20%.


Jade Flask
This will the flask you replace your life flask with.

To get permanent uptime we will need 20% quality.

We will also need a prefix of either: 27% reduced charges used, or 45% increased charge recovery.

The suffix we want to aim for is: 30% additional elemental resistances

Quartz Flask:

Skip this section until you solve mana (see solving mana section)

Once you do solve mana we switch to this flask:

To get permanent uptime we will need 20% quality.

We will also need a prefix of: 45% increased charge recovery.

If you don't have freeze/chill avoid boots: 63% reduced effect of freeze/chill during effect.

Once you do get some freeze/chill avoid boots:

The suffix we want to aim for is:

40% reduced effect of shock during effect. This is to avoid 1 shots more often.

Ruby, Topaz, and Sapphire flasks:

All 3 flasks need 20% quality.

2 flasks, need the prefix:
30% reduced duration, 25% increased effect.
Make sure the flasks have a duration of at least 7.2 seconds.

The 3rd flask needs 45% increased charge recovery.

The first 2 suffixes we need are:
42% chance to avoid being stunned during effect
50% increased evasion rating during effect

The 3rd flask is:
If you don't have Atziri's reflection: 48% reduced effect of curses during effect (curse immunity)

Once you have Atziri's: 36% reduced duration, Immunity to Bleeding and Corrupting Blood during effect

Belt Mod:

You can refund the 2 nodes shown above once you get a belt with 17% reduced flask charges used.

Solving Mana:
To solve mana costs we are going to need several things. First we are going to need the 20% reduction from the lesser Exarch helm implicit.

Then we are going to need 2 rings with -7 mana cost mods on them

Then another 20% reduction from:

and finally a watcher's eye with reduced mana while affected by clarity, this only needs to be -6. Any other mods are a bonus.

Once all of this is done you can finally ditch your mana flask/dual claws. You may be able to do this earlier, but if you get over 100 soul eater stacks you may run out of mana so test it out at each increment and see how it feels to you.

All alternate quality/awakened gems can be swapped for their regular counterparts, they are just for DPS increases. The only 2 that are required are:


Main 6L

If you are using Dendrobate, swap


Until you get The Covenant, then swap back.

Curse 4L


Aura 4L

Until you get a 88% enlighten, drop Malevolence and run a 2L:


2L Cast When Damage Taken


2L Arrogance

We can level Vitality as much as our Strength will allow us, just be aware that each Gem level raises the amount of health this reserves. I personally like to be around 4k HP.

If you've over leveled your gem, don't worry just trade it to a vendor with 1 scour to de-level it once.

2L Whirling Blades


Non Linked Gems

Vaal Haste can be swapped for Blood Rage, both are good its basically up to preference.

Note: these can be linked to other gems, just make sure they aren't attached to anything that multiplies their mana costs.



Early on, Soul of the Brine King is going to be very helpful for avoiding dying to freezes/stuns.

Once we get flasks with stun/freeze avoid on them:

we will switch to Soul of Lunaris, as it makes us the most tanky of the 4.


Until we get an Atziri's reflection, we run Yugul paired with a reduced effect of curses flask:

After we get Atziri's we switch to Garukhan and pair it with a reduced shock flask:


Ignore this section until you've done everything else above and are level 96ish. Also this section is highly subject to change.

Double Corrupting Zerphi's

I'm currently trying to get a good double corrupted Zerphi's.

Additional curse, attack speed, max ele res, malev effect, grace effect. Would all be gg.




League Start Viable?

Why X thing instead of Y thing?
This is my first build guide, so I'd imagine it is not perfectly min maxxed in every way. If you find something that is easily swappable into the build, by all means try it out and share your results. I am extremely open to suggestions.

How good is this against bosses?
It can do all regular bosses, but you will need to modify the build to run ubers, and you will need to properly learn the mechanics of each fight.

Last edited by HeroicLarvy on Aug 18, 2023, 2:23:15 PM
Last bumped on Mar 23, 2024, 9:01:27 AM
how does the build perform in the sanctum? maybe not in the secret boss since this is more map oriented, but in the sanctum in general

interesting build regardless, might try it, I have been trying to find a venom gyre build to play
Last edited by Grixzen on Jan 12, 2023, 7:32:30 AM
Ive been playing something similar on standard, since I'm using a mageblood I went deadeye instead.

Last edited by chaelp on Jan 15, 2023, 11:16:13 PM
Grixzen wrote:
how does the build perform in the sanctum? maybe not in the secret boss since this is more map oriented, but in the sanctum in general

interesting build regardless, might try it, I have been trying to find a venom gyre build to play

It seems good enough for Sanctum. Unbuffed it sits around 7m dps, so that seems good enough for floor bosses and guards. Personally I don't really enjoy the mechanic much so I've only ever done like 1 full run.
Last edited by HeroicLarvy on Jan 12, 2023, 8:57:49 PM
I started this build and feels amazing. What about panthenon or im blind and ii dont see it
SzczwanyV wrote:
I started this build and feels amazing. What about panthenon or im blind and ii dont see it

I meant to write a section about that but I forgot. It depends on which part of progression you are at but basically, early on Brine King until you get a flask/boots with stun/chill immunity, then switch to Lunaris.

For minor, Yugul until you get a Atziri's reflection, then swap to Garukhan.

I will write up a proper section shortly.
I need help. My dps is so low. I can't even clear tier 11 maps.

here is pastebin
GagInwTh wrote:
I need help. My dps is so low. I can't even clear tier 11 maps.

here is pastebin

Stuff that's cheap or free

Your gems are very low level, and not 20% qual (run a bunch of lower tier maps to gain some gem and character levels, do as high of a tier as you can without ever dying. Dying is anti progress.)

You don't meet the Dex requirement for Dendrobate

You don't have the correct flasks

You have increased AoE linked to your grace and herald of agony, that increases the mana reservation (not good)

Your claw doesn't have 20% quality

You've taken a few of the wrong nodes on the tree

You still haven't done your 3rd or 4th lab

You aren't running vitality or steelskin cast when dmg taken (your strength is low so don't level them up much until you get strength on your rings)

Your boots are real bad, get a well rolled pair of Atziri's step for a good placeholder until you can get the expensive ones

20% noxious catalyst on your Zerphi's

Stuff that requires a little farming

You don't have asenath's gloves or Whispers of Doom allocated
You've got no spell suppression on gear
You don't have the cluster jewel
Your rings are going to need more attributes

Re-read the gear section and flask section for a good place to start, and feel free to ask for help if you get stuck again.

Thank you so much! now I can safely clear tier 14.
Last edited by GagInwTh on Jan 26, 2023, 8:29:26 AM
My goal is just to complete all the maps on the atlas BUT I'm having hard time with tier 15+ maps. I think my character's DPS is too low for tier 15+.
I've go 1 divine right now.
My question is "What is the best way to boost up my dps to just enough for clearing tier 15+ and cost under 1 divine?"

Last edited by GagInwTh on Jan 26, 2023, 11:04:06 AM

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