[3.20} Anomalous Impending Doom - Crit Based

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Is there some way someone could league start toward this? Or does it require everything to make it work?
Hi! I'm very interested in this build and your guide. I have a small question. If my maximum curse is 3 and I use 4 curses. It means when I use despair to trigger a doom blast, my gloves will trigger 3 curses in it. So the 4th curse will replace the despair and u don't need reduced duration of despair because it will end immediately. Am I right?
Good evening,

can someone explain to me to cooldown/cast speed breakpoints?

I have the Balance of Terror Cdr jewel and a belt ith 20% Cdr.
How much cast speed do I need? And what would change in the equation if I am not using a the terror jewel or the Cdr belt?
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Thx for the reply <3

So the CDR on doom blast works the same way as the CoC breaking point. You need to cast Temporal Chains yourself.

14%-51% / 7.5 Cast Per Second
52%+ / 10 Cast Per Second

I suggest getting an Awoke Cascade to make it easier to cap proc rate.

Example to get 52%, 25% on Jewel / 20% on Belt / 7% on Boots

From the guide:

2. Use spell cascade to effectively cap proc rate. By default we need to reach 6 cast per second which is the cooldown of Impending doom. Let's say we have a cast speed of 2.2 on despair. By using spell cascade we get 3 overlaps which means that 2.2 * 3 we are procing it 6.6 times which is over the cooldown and caps us. Awakened Spell cascade will help us achieve that even better because it overlaps 5 times. Impending Doom does not get the less damage from spell cascade Getting cooldown recovery on belt , boots or the new balance of terror jewel will drastically increase damage

Since awakened Spell Cascade overlaps 5 times. So a cast speed of 1.5 sec on Temp chains should be fine, right? So 5*1.5 = 7.5 casts per second.

The build looks more and more intersting as I look into it.
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All of this is so complex. but it looks kinda fun even tho the defence is ass i suppose. about how much damage can this get on average and what would be the cost of that?
How does it work with the Shako and the reduced skill effect duration ?
Im not quite sure
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I did more test on the vixen cascade version vs cursed ground/dialla(reduced duration) and fated end. The doom blast on the latter proc 3 times on a single cast.

As for vixen cascade, I did the curse stripping mechanic and it only procs 1 per cast on a single target, I either tested it wrongly or most people who say it actually does haven't tested the mechanic itself.

After seeing a lot more footage on poison variants on the build, I would say that version is a lot lot weaker compared to the crit version. Poison need to ramp up their poison to actually do something but crit version just need to scale their PC/FC or maybe brutal charge and you'll be able to delete conquerors in split seconds. Uber bosses are more mechanical but with enough damage you'll be able to even delete them in seconds after they "land", no need for ramping up your poison.

Also get your wither jewel, people.

do you really need the jewel with wither tho? For normal mapping i guess wither wont be needed and for bosses you have the totem plus withering presence.

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