[3.20} Anomalous Impending Doom - Crit Based

Sarodh1 wrote:
RedStark wrote:
so how to lvl up with doom?

You can activate the build with only Vixen's, it's cheap and acessible right after ID.

i did try at 38 and had 0 dps lol
like very low dmg dunno if it was because low lvl gems or what

I love this build and am switching to the cane of kulemac. Unfortunately, something broke when I made the switch and I can't figure out what it is. I've tried to mimic your current gear setup as closely as I could. Any ideas/tips?


My clear is ok, but I am not getting any doom procs on bosses
Does Balance of Terror inflict withered mod work/still give me up to 15 stacks without Wither gem?
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This is probably my last iteration of the build.

https://pastebin.com/HTTVNDhj, A bit too much, you don't need to hit that much dps to do uber, even half of it is more than enough.

Ralakesh/Loop, 12 PC/FC, 0.099s Impend.

For the ones who doesn't have a similar helmet of mine, you could just use Cursed Ground + Awoke Cascade + Despair + Power Charge on Critical and your Shako Impend Doom.

You could also use Fated End and try to work the curse effectiveness, there's a relic that has 5-10% increased effect of your curses, this is a god tier relic to easily incorporate the unique ring.

Anyway, this is probably the one of the strongest build I played out there and where I actually had to think on how to gear up and incorporate my own ideas to the build. I would say, play the build this league, I am sure that this would get nerfed pretty bad next league.


I started with the Dialla's version early on and changed a few things to make leveling easier, but I am not sure where to go from here. Any chance you can take a look at my pob and tell me which items I should be shooting for next please?
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Woops, totally meant to link my pob. I also missed that Arn's version you posted, think I will works towards that one. Thanks for the help and looking forward to future developments with this build. Most fun I've had in a while.
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Hi. This text is from google translator, there may be errors.
tell me about these builds - https://poe.ninja/challenge/builds?class=Occultist&skill=Despair&item=Vixens-Entrapment,Badge-of-the-Brotherhood,Malachais-Loop,Ralakeshs-Impatience,Arns-Anguish,Militant-Faith,Sandstorm-Visage,The-Covenant,Void-Battery,Rotgut,The-Balance-of-Terror
not used here: Dialla, Kulemak, Anomalous Impending Doom, Cursed Ground + Spell Cascade.
used: Vixen's Entrapment + Spell Cascade + сurse limit.

1) how to calculate total damage in this case? Average Hit *6? (6=1/0.165)
2) nneed to get high cast speed or low enough cast speed (3+/sec) + vixen's+spell cascade?

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