[3.20} Anomalous Impending Doom - Crit Based


Saw a lot of people on poe.ninja using this and tried to test it myself and this is fucking good for the build, you can still get the 0.099s by using temporal anom temporal rift + 2-3% cdr on the jewel, of course you need a perfect 20% cdr on the belt, and the temporal chain 24-25% cdr.

Combining these two, since we are "standing" when triggering doom blast, we might as well get 10/10 Power/Charge and we are stacking cooldown and shotgunning with cascade, our version would be much much stronger than what they are doing. Most of the people on ninja are not using cascade on their doom blast.

When it comes to the Arn's Anguish Belt, I tested that getting 20% CDR on the belt would be moderately stronger and as I said on the top of my comment, also we can get more resist on the belt.

This is absurdly powerful.

These look promising. Can you share the pob? How is the survival part?
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https://pastebin.com/M0BH3XDv / My current PoB right now, I even changed my previous tree to fit skittering runes in the amulet. Although I have a Shako, you can still use the unique items I mentioned before with dialla's setup and make your dps like 30-40% higher.

For the survivability part, you can decide whether to invest on more dmg or go for Glancing Blows for defence, I saw some people on pob.ninja doing that. I'm going full dps since the clear is pretty much the entire screen at this point.

Make sure to get that Temporal Chains CDR jewel, get at least 24-25% depending on that, you can get 2-3% abyss jewel. 20% CDR on the belt. And Anom Temporal Rift. If you can get wither on hit on that terror jewel too, that will be godly.

There's also the Arn's anguish version on the pob.ninja if you want that.[/quote]

How is bossing in endgame with that build pob?
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You say CDR would be a damage increase.

But my cast rate is 1.84. When I equp +10% CDR it drops to 0.12 or something around there.

My damage gets crippled by having any CDR.
So big question about the balance of terror.
In the original reddit thread it was mentioned the cdr does not work with temp chains as long as you dont cast it yourself. I also didnt saw any change in the cdr so I sold mine again. Only the despair part is working. Correct me if I'am wrong.

Some people suggested using the balance of terror to get cooldown recovery & crit mult but I tested it and it doesn't work with triggered curse in Vixen. You would need to manually cast Enfeeble & Temporal chain to get the buff. Also tested doing weapon swap and it doesn't work as the crit mult is removed when switching back to main weapon
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I'm currently running that Shako setup with cursed ground and it's really strong, I love it.

However I can't put my mind around how Cursed Ground works here. I know it's needed to make it really work, but I don't get how spell casacde isn't enough by itself to have multiple procs for each cast.
Nevermind, I figured it out. My mistake was to think that I still needed cascade on the gloves, but it's not the case. Cursed ground is just reapplied on each cascade.
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so how to lvl up with doom?
RedStark wrote:
so how to lvl up with doom?

You can activate the build with only Vixen's, it's cheap and acessible right after ID.

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