[3.22] MoM Crit Power Siphon Totem Hierophant

is anomalous PS (+1 projectile) useful ? or just normal gem btr
zorker wrote:

Be aware that with the full Lightning Coil setup you take zero fire nor cold damage. This makes you immune to ignite/chill/freeze. I highly suggest a shock immunity watchers Eye with Purity of Lightning in this stage.

Does it really make character immune to ignite/chill/freeze? What about "All hits ignite" map mod and other mechanics with chance to apply aliment? My guess is anything that works like elementalist ascendancy will still apply those aliments. Shock immunity is mandatory, no questions asked there.

And what about burning ground, chilled ground and physical dot aoe? Afaik lightning coil (Or any other damage conversion) does not take into account DoT, so that is a weakness? Bleeding especially
KissMyBoobs wrote:
is anomalous PS (+1 projectile) useful ? or just normal gem btr

At first you want Power Siphon 21. That gives you +1 proj from 21.
Endgame you want 21/20 Anomalous Power Siphon (no less than that!!!) for +1 proj from 21 and +1 proj from 20 quality.
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I have some problems... i got this build now complete. I do about 3-5mio dps withou t using berserk or sigl of power. I AM tanky as hell. But i think the dmg is a problem. I kind feel way to less zoomy. Like i use boots with atillery totem+ kinetic blast+awaken lightning penet+ lightning dmg+fork. Is it better to switch fork or lightning dmg for grater multiple projektiles? The single target dmg doesnt feel like 30-40 divine investment. I think i need to switch into the doryianis prototyp version in the long run to increase the dmg.....
Really like your build since I moved on from storm burst league start.

When I switched in to lightning coil started dying a lot. Was a moron and never checked how you had resistances, fixed most issues from switch.

Either with or without sublime this wrecks. Thanks for guide and solid pointers.

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What should I be upgrading next do you think? Profile is public.
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moon_nmh wrote:
What should I be upgrading next do you think? Profile is public.

You switched to early. I cannot suggest you to do that unless you have the full gear for the Lightning Coil switch.

Check the first post for the red map tier gear. You can get above 8m dps with some of the items you already have.


The wand has to be an imbued wand with attack speed and crit. An engraved wand is the only other acceptable alternative.

Buy a rare 6link and stash Lightning Coil for now.
Stash Font of Thunder and buy a +1 totem shield.

So: wand, chest, shield.

Get that jewel socket next to MoM and buy a nice jewel.
Is there anyway to upgreade my dmg? My profile is open. I tryed simulacrium and used my 6 portal at wave 21. Its not about tankyness is lacking. The dmg is... any tippp for me?
As of today, how much do you guys think its the minimum budget for starting this build? I have like 10 div to spend and I am afraid of leveling it and not getting a better result than my actual build (Poison Seismic Trap)
Stay with seismic. I invested about 30 divines. I am tanky but the dmg dosent feel like 30 divine. I cant handle wave 21 simulacrium.

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