[3.20] Cheapbunny's Rupturing Bleed Summon Reaper Pathfinder

Updated to 3.20 - The Forbidden Sanctum League
Minimal changes to this build in 3.20, almost no balance change affect minions/reaper. Skill tree remains the same.

Hexes reworks slightly increase boss dps by 3~4%, but lower damage against rare/magic monster.


(Before you start reading the build guide, I'd like to warn you that this build is not a league starter (also not SSF viable), you should not league start with it. Now you have been warned, enjoy the build guide.)

Back in Expedition League (3.15), when Summon Reaper skill is first introduced, I made a build with it, and wrote a build guide (https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3155821). Surprisingly, the build became quite popular at that time, and it is still the most viewed guide I have made until today. However, due to the all the balance changes and new contents coming out since 3.15, viability of the build has fallen quickly and struggling against the new end game content, so I had stop updating the build guide in 3.18.

Nevertheless, Summon Reaper is still one of my favorite skill in PoE, and I wanted to bring her back in 3.19, despite the minion nerfs.

Maybe minions are dead, but Reaper is not.
Reaper is Love <3.

Build Thought


Why Bleed?

I remembered there was an interesting interaction among Rupturing, The Siege cluster jewel, Ensnaring Arrow and Summon Reaper discovered by ThatsRealNeato.


Rupturing is a notable Ascendancy passive skill for the Deadeye. It causes critical strikes which inflict bleeding to also inflict a special debuff called Rupture, which causes affected enemies to take more damage from bleeding while also making bleeding expire faster on them. Up to three stacks of Rupture can affect a target.

The Siege

Kineticism is a cluster jewel-only keystone passive skill that causes attack projectiles to always inflict Bleeding and Maim, as well as Knocking Back enemies, at the cost of being unable to pierce, fork, or chain

I find this interaction has really good potential, decided to make a Summon Reaper with this combo.

Why Pathfinder?

Deadeye ascendancy nodes (other than Rupturing) does not provide much to this build, so I chose Pathfinder for defensive power and use Forbidden jewels for Deadeye's Rupturing node.

How to get enough critical chance to apply Rupture reliably?

High base critical Bow

Ungil's Harmony with Kind of the Hill

Spell Suppression Mastery
Critical Strike Chance is increased by chance to Suppress Spell Damage

Clear Speed and Mana problem

Summon Reaper is known for having slow clear speed and high mana cost.

Clear Speed

I use explosion from Sublime Vision and Herald of Purity minion to help with clear speed

Mana Problem

Being a Pathfinder, this flask will be up all the time, which grant the build Eldritch Battery.

How to get enough Minion's Offense and Defense if Ranger is so far from minions node on the passive skill tree?

Ghastly Eye abyss jewels could provide a lot of Minion's Offense and Defense and we do not need another 6l from body armour.


Skill Tree (PoB)

Kill all bandits.

10 Dec 2022 - [POE 3.20] 95 lvl skill tree (Latest)

7 Sept 2022 - [POE 3.19] 95 lvl skill tree

5 Sept 2022 - [POE 3.19] 95 lvl skill tree


It is very hard for Ranger to level with Summon Reaper because Ranger does not have access to minion nodes in the early stage.

I recommend to level with different skill (you can even level with different ascendancy) that you are comfortable to level with, and respec into Summon Reaper Pathfinder later.

Respec into Summon Reaper Pathfinder only after acquires the following:
i) Level 20+ Summon Reaper gem
ii) 5L +1 bow with increase minion damage
iii) all jewels
iv) all flasks
v) at least 80% Summon Reaper chance to bleed
(Reaper has base 50% base chance to bleed, so you need to get 30% from jewels)
vi) 75% Summon Reaper elemental resistance
(Reaper has base 40% all ele res, so you need to get 35% from jewels/rings)

My setup when I respec into Summon Reaper at level 72


Nature's Boon -> Nature's Adrenaline -> Master Surgeon -> Master Alchemist


Note : There is no guide for Early Game gear because you can't level with Summon Reaper early game as a Ranger.


Mid Game
+1 Socketed Gem/Minion Damage

End Game
+1 Socketed Gem/Minion Damage/+2 Supported Gem/Minion Attack Speed

Enchantment : Critical Chance per Quality

Crafting Process

1. Buy a high critical base bow, with 38% Fractured Critical Strike Chance

2. Use Deafening Essence of Fear until you hit +1 Socketed Gem

3. Annul until you have one opened prefix and one opened suffix. If you annuled +1 socketed gem or Minion damage, go back to step 2.

4. If you got suffix other than critical strike chance, then prefix cannot be change -> Scour, else go to step 5

5. Multimod -> +2 Support Gem + Minion Attack/Cast speed


Mid/End Game
Life/Resis/Critical Strike Chance

Body Armour

Mid/End Game


Mid Game
Life/Resis/+1 Minion

End Game
Life/Resis/+2 Minion/Spell Suppression

Enchantment : 30% increased Summon Reaper Cooldown Recovery
Eldritch Implicit : Energy Shield recharge rate

Crafting Process

1. Buy a ilvl 75+ helmet with dex requirement and 30% increased Summon Reaper Cooldown Recovery enchantment

2. Bound fossil + Dense fossil + Pristine Fossil until you get +2 Minion

3. Eldritch craft suffixes

4. Bench craft life if you have open prefix


Mid Game
Life/Resis/Minion Damage

End Game
Life/Resis/Minion Damage/Aspect of the Spider/Attack Speed

Eldritch Implicit : Spell Suppression and Minion Damage
Note : "Aspect of the Spider" can be crafted via beast crafting if your gloves have open suffix


Mid Game

End Game
Movespeed/Life/Resis/Spell Suppression

Eldritch Implicit : Cooldown recovery


Mid/End Game

Enchantment : Enemies maimed by you take 8% increased damage over time


Mid/End Game

Get amulet with at least 330% increase in critical strike chance.

Anointment : King of the Hill
Quality : Critical Modifiers


Mid Game
Life/Resis/Minion Resis

End Game
Life/Resis/Vulnerability on Hit
Life/Resis/Minion Damage/Minion Resis


Abyss Jewel (Body Armour)

(At least 45% minion chance to bleed and some minion resistance)
(Otherwise, look for Minion damage if you have used minion skill recently and Enemies maimed by you take increased damage over time)

Abyss Jewel (Belt)

(Look for Minion damage if you have used minion skill recently and Enemies maimed by you take increased damage over time)

Unique Jewel

(Balbara variant, slot in specific location, refers to POB)
Look for following additional mods
i) chance to gain Alchemist Genius when using flask
ii) Minion damage
iii) Flask charge gained

Cluster Jewel

Rare Jewel



+ Boss Specific Flask

Boss Specific Flask


(At least 7sec flask duration)

Searing Exarch

(At least 7sec flask duration)

Eater of World

(At least 7sec flask duration)


(At least 7sec flask duration)

Gem Link

6L Summon Reaper (Bow)

4L Herald of Purity (Gloves)

4L Ensnaring Arrow

1L Gems

(Only use Flesh Offering for mapping, it is not needed for bossing)

Movement Skill


My other build guide

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10 Dec 2022
- Updated POB to 3.20 version

7 Sept 2022
- Slight change to skill tree
- Replaced "Chance to Bleed Support" with "Minion Speed Support" for Herald of Purity
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gj you make it work
Hi, Cheap. Looks great, how's it working out for you? Medium mapping/good bossing?
Looks cool! I'm a big fan of your original reaper build. One question, how do you proc the explode on the Sublime Vision? I thought you had to get the kill vs. the minions to get it to go off?
Treantz wrote:
Looks cool! I'm a big fan of your original reaper build. One question, how do you proc the explode on the Sublime Vision? I thought you had to get the kill vs. the minions to get it to go off?

Enemies killed by minion's dot (bleed/poison) is counted as player's kill in POE, confusing i know.
Enemies killed by minion's dot (bleed/poison) is counted as player's kill in POE, confusing i know.

Gotcha... I think I read that somewhere before.

Hi, Cheap. Looks great, how's it working out for you? Medium mapping/good bossing?

I'm currently running it now. I have the majority of the gear. Missing things like Empower 4 (using 3 now) and a +2 helm (using +1) and still leveling up some of the gems. I feel like the map clear speed is a little slower than the original reaper build, but maybe this one just takes a little longer to get off the ground. Not sure yet... still fun though if you enjoy the reaper and have lots of currency to invest.
Last edited by Treantz on Sep 16, 2022, 6:00:20 PM
Checking in... getting Herald of Purity level 21 helped a lot with with my clear speed. I also focused some of my abyss jewels towards getting Chance to Taunt and that has helped a lot with my survivability.

Slight tweak to tree. I went for Grave Pact over Enduring Bond. It was the same amount points, since I had to pick up a 30 int node, but the bleed dps on the minions was almost double (according to pob) and it got my minions accuracy up from 92% to 100% on Guardian/Pinnacle Bosses. You could argue losing minion duration / skill effect duration, is a problem, but I didn't see a need for them.
Last edited by Treantz on Sep 17, 2022, 1:13:33 PM
Actually crafting the bow is painful, how many essences have you guys used? I'm around 150 Dread used or so, keeps landing +1 socketed bow gems / +2 socketed bow gems.
IGN: Obsii

Took me about 30-40 of them. Hit +1 gems early on and annulled it off. Second time around, I got lucky and didn't roll another prefix. This is where it got expensive because I had to use 2 divine to craft cannot reroll prefixes -> scour -> then 2 more divines to add Can craft 3 modifiers.

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