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[3.19] 🔨⚡ Trickster 1-button Lightning Conduit! (Mjolner CWC) ⚡🔨 | 5-15m sDPS - Pinnacles melt!

motoroler wrote:
Greetings, is this a tenacious build, will it be able to on hc and do you necessarily need such jewelry as you have with accuracy?

Yeah what Xijek said... Prototype is notoriously hard to survive everything on for one, and playing a pseudo-melee build in HC by itself is a mountain of a task.

The character is also very stretched over managing stat requirements / accuracy / cast speed even in softcore, I think working towards full spell suppress etc on HC would make it just feel really underwhelming.

Definitely not a HC or SSF-friendly build as it stands.
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Is it worth going after some of the Inquisitor ones with 100 div?

I got a lucky drop while just heisting on my lvl 93 trickster running skin of the lords version, so its not like a lot of my gear will translate over. But now I'm up over 120d, so is it worth just leveling a quis and buying top tier stuff like that crazy 30m dps variant, or is there a better mix of damage and tank I should work towards at that budget?

Or something else entirely? Is there just some crazy silly build I can make for 100 that's worth doing to finish my atlas and just keep this trickster as is when I want to spin and shock?

thanks all! its been a blast so far.
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im trying the inquisitor version, but i have lots of problems beeing oneshotted by i have no clue :( https://pastebin.com/syR4tnz4 is there someone who could take a look at my build ? :>
Oh I didn't mention I'm playing the Inquisitor version too. Mine is maximum budget but you can look at my character profile to see my approach to things. I just leveled up a Juggernaut HOA build and it had the same problem of just getting blown up out of no where. Honestly I think its just the state of the game because that guy was one tanky Juggernaut!

Took some time off and my brain is just mush trying to catch back up. I have this constant drain of life. I can't stay alive. Even in Hideout, it's just slowly draining. Did I miss a node or not get high enough? I know it has to be the ring. Vaal Pact. Low Life.


Flicker on Steroids was an amazing build.
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Anyone done and want to sell a full build for around 40div?
Wait in title it says, "Pinnacles melt", but then in comment section you posted that it can't do uber bosses :D So is this build good for farming uber bosses or not?
Noob question - i have made build (the poor guy version)
I have gems and links like in PoB - why Cyclone skill wont be casted automatically - I have cleared like 5-10 maps

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