[3.19] 🔨⚡ Trickster 1-button Lightning Conduit! (Mjolner CWC) ⚡🔨 | 5-15m sDPS - Pinnacles melt!

Hey there! I’m Primaeva, and I’ve been making random janky builds / music vids on YouTube (accompanied by Reddit threads) for a while!

3.19 introduced Lightning Conduit.. Yada yada two button... Yada yada Mjolner, yada yada lose damage but raise QoL + Fun. (I'm still at work! Can't flesh out the post.)

[Official 3.19 Music Video "Numb" by Linkin Park + Bossing / Mapping videos]


The Official Build Showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PlAB0zBc8_Y

All Conquerors + Sirus Nuke (with Galv Field): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7R1eReWyNc
(Uncut) Full Uber Elder Boss Fight (no Galv Field) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yEXmLadKqMs

Inquisitor version:
Showcased (kinda) in this MTX review - do note I'm using Level 1 Arc for some maps though just to make sure the Arc doesn't kill mobs.

You should/shouldn't play this build if..

+ You love lightning-themed builds! ESPECIALLY spicy if you have Titan's Mjolner from the Kirac's Vault Pass 2 leagues ago.
+ You dislike the deault self-cast playstyle of LC and are looking for a more mobile, one-button solution.
+ Want great clearspeed without any explode chest needed.
+ Very high single-target DPS
+ Are open to building a variety of ways - Life/ES, LL, Prototype.
+ Tend to eat a lot of boss hits but are lazy and want to overleech the damage back rather than panick flask and stop DPS.
+ HATE the freezes, slows and vines which are the most infuriating part of modern PoE.

- Don't play this build if you're in SSF without a Mjolner. (There is a Necromancer version that uses Corpsewalker instead).
- Let overleech fall off often - i.e. alt tab to WhatsApp or Telegram your pals or record gamer TikToks, lol.
- May not be great if Scourge/Kalandra isn't core.
- Buying items for Prototype is a god-damned headache.
- Build stops scaling well past 15m DPS.
- Want to map REALLY fast - I mean it's possible but you have to buy Tailwind Elusive shoes or something.
- Ultimately this is a melee build - you NEED to have clean Pinnacle boss mechanics to pull it off.
- If you have 100 div, go Inquisitor instead, it will put out substantially more damage with investment in crit multi and high int/str jewellery.

CRITICAL: Before you open the PoBs, make sure you return to this tab before starting to use the build.

So a large number of players have contacted me regarding seemingly horrid DPS and - they were right! They were only firing LC, their main nuke skill, at HALF the frequency they should.

This is because for LC to "fire" at full efficiency, you have to have a minimum unbuffed cast speed as shown above. How to check? Easy, in game on your char screen, like this:

If you miss this even by 1%, your damage is halved! :( So please make sure to not unspec any cast speed nodes unless you know where you will be making up the cast speed from (e.g. you use Frenzy charge gen, have perma onslaught flask, etc).

A PoB For Every Budget

150c - You get the 650k DPS version. Click "notes" to get shopping links.
150c version - Hybrid, 650k DPS

- Not stun immune
- If you find you are running content that stuns you often, just go Brine King Pantheon and survive till you can farm up 5div, because Stun Immunity comes in the next stage of the build
- Fairly tanky
- Be careful of poison or Toxic balls

This will carry you into T15s and T16s, but T16 bosses will take a while. Be sure to read the "Map Mod Difficulty" section later to see why you may be having trouble with the build. You will also have to curse/expose manually with Wave of Conviction. Use this to farm more currency.

Make sure you are always holding down your Vortex key same time as your Cyclone key on bosses. Vortex drops chilled areas which activate the 35% increased lightning damage taken on your Algor Mortis, as well as potentially "sapping" the boss, making it do up to 20% less damage to you.

PoB: https://pastebin.com/pWfPDx2h

Check "Notes" for buy links to help you shop quickly! Fill the rest with generic items that have high life, the resists you need (more chaos the better) and recoup if possible.

[RECOMMENDED] 3-5 Div version: ~2m DPS, Skin of the Lords + Righteous Fire mapping

For those who want to taste what the build can do in endgame without breaking the bank.

- Very hard to kill with massive overleech.
- VERY tricky to shop for the right colours, explained later
- Introduces a Watcher's Eye, which you should customise
- Introduces Curse on Hit Algor Mortis, which is sadly 100c now (used to be 15-20c whoops)
- This frees up slots for Discipline.
- Awakened CWC 3 will get you Stun Immunity, so you can use Pantheon for Arakaali, which further reduces poison or RF damage.

https://pastebin.com/UryK0bkJ UPDATED 17 Sept - Massive Tankiness Patch*

This introduces Vaal Pact to the build, making it unkillable during regular mapping, and gives +2 to LC and other supports, meaning you can just buy Awakened 3s for cheap and have them function as 5.

This is the trickiest part of starting this build - Skin of the Lords CANNOT be recoloured, so there are a limited amount of correctly coloured ones contested by as many people want to use this guide. I'll list all the decent colour combinations and keystones here.

BiS: 4B1G1R - Lifetap in the Red slot, Vaal Pact for guardian against DoTs.

#2: 5B1G - Replace Lifetap with Added Lightning Damage, but you now need to run a mana flask and maybe even a couple mana regen nodes / mods to sustain.

#3: 3B1G2R - Lifetap + Empower.

#4: 4B2G - You have no choice but to put Hypothermia in here, which isn't great - your targets may not always be chilled, they have to be in your Vortex. So it may work well on bosses but mobs you will be fighting with a 5L until you get in range. Also needs mana management.

The good keystones are:

#1: Vaal Pact
#2: Unwavering Stance (if no aCWC3)
#3: Wicked Ward

Neutral: Conduit, Crimson Dance, Acrobatics, etc

Although at the neutral point, you could just forgo the extra damage and run a strong hybrid 6L with frenzy gen, for example.

Aspirational 35 Div version: ~8-10m DPS, Doryani's Prototype (also RF)

Those who have enjoyed the reliability of the build and want to plow through bosses in seconds.

The PoB: https://pastebin.com/R2m5Y5We - Doryani's Prototype.

The pinnacle of the build - making everything have -200 lightning res while covering its weakness (DoTs) with PB overleech and leech scaling. It scales to 8-10m sDPS and can only go up as you pump more and more currency into better rings, max frenzies, more passive points, etc.

ONLY FOR ADVANCED PLAYERS. Shopping to balance Doryani's Protoype resists and stat requirements took me 5 hours. Do not attempt this if you are unfamiliar with shopping. Or if you want to start shopping, be ready to not play PoE for an entire day.

DO NOTE: If you want to sacrifice the safety of CWDT/Molten Shell and the Utlity of Shield Charge, you can swap your helm to something like this and run these gems. This adds about 4m DPS and up for 6 seconds. You simply cast Galvanic Field before engaging the boss - it works like a mega storm brand and zaps the boss hard for 6 seconds.

Luxury setups / items: ~12-20m and beyond DPS

For players who want to commit to this being their main char, significant upgrades exist.

#1: Galvanic Field 6L/7L Helm

This sets you back some valuable mapping QoL by losing CWDT-MS and Shield Charge but gives you automatic DPS because you just have to hit Galv Field and you get a few million damage. Only recommended for Pinnacles, swap back for mapping.

#2: Fishing for a great Timeless Jewel

I paid 4 div for this where it ordinarily costs 25c. Why?

With the new PoB tool (and other website) that allows you to hunt big mods, you can camp for a Timeless Jewel that gives you massive damage or survivability bonuses. This is very niche however. I did NOT film the vids with this jewel.

#3: +4/+6 amulets
This is the creme de la creme of Kalandra league and if you can satisfy your requirements on other slots, getting a +4 or +6 amulet just sends your damage to the next level. These start at about 10 - 15 div each; good luck.


Superior to CoC / Squire variants - yeah I actually tested Squire. CoC is also going to go very poorly unless you amass 400% cast speed and invest a few hundred divine into getting decent crit.

LL / Shav's build was also tested. It's middling DPS in the 10 div range but has some ridiculous overleech numbers (4.8k overleech sounds about invincible, 8k~ ES only though.)

Inquisitor has overtaken Trickster at 50div+ due to crit enabling, the additional cost coming from item affixes covering the weaknesses that Tricksters provide for free. Do remember to account for cast speed, though - Inquis has to really pump in about 6 more nodes into cast speed to match Trickster's free cast speed from Soul Drinker. See below for the Inquis section.

USER SUBMITTED by sm44wg: High budget (60+ div) - CI version, massively tanky w 66% suppression.
sm44wg wrote:
Managed to put together a CI Doryani's version with full elemental ailment immunity. There are three variants, base version, Aegis version and Suppression cap version.

Core differences for all variants: Drop Iron Will and Pain attunement and all life nodes, pick up Chaos Inoculation and Ghost Reaver and ES nodes. Also drop petrified blood. Invest more into mana reservation efficiency to fit in Wrath instead to cover some of the damage loss and get damage from watchers eye.

No aegis https://pobb.in/M4X2IGwW9_6i this is the base CI version

Aegis https://pobb.in/n_nSFrQG-X55 This version makes use of Glancing Blows + Aegis Aurora, for a massive increase in tankiness and up to 40k armour (2k ES recovery on block from aegis). One grand spectrum for ailment immunity. You will also need very good jewellery with high positive resistances to make up for almost none on the shield.

100% spell suppression (66% damage suppressed!) https://pobb.in/E6ZCQdAhPqcc Pathing to the suppression nodes near trickster and picking up Spellbreaker instead of One Step Ahead, as well as Grace+Suppress mastery we cap suppression at 100% and absolutely insane 66% amount suppressed and get a huge boost in evasion to hit 25k without flasks, while maintaining 20k armour. Likely need one grand spectrum for ailment immunity. 66% suppression is bonkers. You might consider not using ghost reaver on this version, instead going for wicked ward

Due to being completely immune to freeze and chill, One step ahead isn't as important, so we can pick any of the 3 nodes left on the trickster tree, like the suppression node or Heartstopper for immense tankiness. One step isn't bad though.

Sources of ailment immunity, mix and match: shield 25-30%, boots 25% craft, 23% eldritch, Shield Mastery 20%, Arcane Sanctuary 25%, Grand spectrum 36%.

Inquisitor Variant

50+ Divs: https://pobb.in/v4uFeS6x0wNL

Inquisitor provides arguably more reliable recovery due to Consecrated Ground regen being almost up - as long as you somehow stop every 4 seconds, which can be VERY annoying. The inbuilt curse reduction is great, but you will have to account for Freeze on either Pantheon or gear.

I'm pretty sure at some point it makes more sense to pack a ton of auras and Purity of Elements, Tempest Shield and Ashes of the Stars, dropping some offense for very juiced up max block Glancing Blows and ailment immunity.

USER SUBMITTED by Xijek: Very high budget!

Xijek wrote:
Sharing my build. It's in a pretty good state now. This is the lvl 100 tree (currently lvl 96) so that goes to 34.5M dps (Diamond Flask and Bottled Faith) with flasks and 25.4M dps without flasks.


For the lvl 100 i'd like to remove one of the points and get Precision (Global accuracy, attack and cast speed) but not sure which one, yet. Build is pretty much done in terms of items. Bought a +2 Doryani yesterday. Could upgrade the rings but with the right combination that i need there's none available. Amazing build! :D

I think the last great thing missing is the belt enchantment for 30% less curse effect on conc ground. Been too lazy to farm it. Then it goes to 60% less effect and can get the 20% on tree for 80% less effect of curses (which is huge).

Edited the post because I forgot about Arc/Galvanic Field!

Inquisitor indeed slaps. But you need a big investment. I played this before as a trickster (same lvl) and i felt the dps was kinda lacking as there was potential for much more. Alas this monstrosity was created.

Map Mods to Avoid

Elemental Reflect, No Leech
No-go. No explanation needed. Leech is our whole shebang and most of us use lifetap. ES Leech still works and you -may- be able to kill stuff while flasking but I would wager this kills most players with PB leaving you at only 3.5k starting HP.

Almost impossible:
Monsters have x% chance to avoid elemental ailments
Lightning Conduit literally needs your target to be shocked. If your target has a 75% chance to avoid ailments, you are going to lose more than 75% of your damage. Do NOT run this unless you already pack > 10m DPS and have some time.

Players have 60% Less Recovery Rate of Life and Energy Shield
This is actually somewhat okay for just mapping since Polymath gives us Life/ES and Mana instantly, so it's not affected. However, if you rolled a very tanky boss or are fighting a Conqueror on the same map, this puts you in danger as your recovery is severely nerfed. You definitely will not be running RF for sure.

Annoying but doable:
No Regen
Doable but dangerous. You need mana to flame-dash and Vortex - Polymath may cover you on trash but once again, if it's a boss, better have an Enduring Mana flask to help you out.

Players have 40% less cooldown recovery
This cuts your damage a lot since you now skip casts on LC. Be prepared for longer fights!

-Max Res
This sort of prevents you from running RF on Conquerors / Guardians, but the large health pool actually lets you soak quite a few hits and your vulnerability to lightning isn't even made worse since you're already negative.

Pantheon + Bandits (Kill All)

Major Pantheon: Upgraded Arakaali OR Brine King if no aCWC
Hands down Arakaali is the top choice. With Archnemesis Toxic all over the place, yourself running RF most of the time, this reduces 10% of THAT damage, and then turning it off with a dousing flask...

Every single aspect of this Pantheon is well used. Being both Petrified Blood and Prototype also means chaos and lightning DoTs go right to our reduced health pool. While overleech covers that VERY nicely, this is the final layer that lets you laugh off most mods that would have killed other Prototype players.

The exception is: if you do NOT have Awakened Cast While Channeling 5 (which provides stun immunity) - you may find stunning causing more problems than poison. This isn't so bad since we have a 7k life total, but it's still risky as hell. In this case, run Brine King. (Do note that Skin of the Lords makes an Awakened Cast while Channeling 3 turn into a 5, also granting stun immunity.

Minor Pantheon: Ralakesh or Shakari

Ralakesh is among the most useful Pantheons in dealing with CB, and allows you to not have to spend on a Corrupted Blood jewel (only for regular mapping - on Sirus you want a CB jewel for sure.) This will let you RF even through vulnerability + CB moments.

Shakari is a great swap when you're facing Al-Hezmin, poison on hit Conqs, etc. Finally, Ryslatha can have some use as you are almost always on low life, so that's a massive 1.6x multiplier on your flask if you find yourself not stable at the playstyle yet.

Shakari can also be swapped in for Al-Hezmin fights, although Upgraded Arakaali plus some chaos res rolls makes this overkill.

Do note that Tukohama's core (gain x% damage reduction every second while Stationary) does NOT work with Flicker Strike, since we are stationary AND moving, so the counter never hits 1 second and is lost the moment you Flicker.

However, Upgraded Tukohama's 2% Life Regen WILL be applied, so if you have Zealot's Oath, a 2% Energy Shield Regen mastery, Consecrated Ground from a Sulphur Flask or Bottled Faith, and/or Vitality - you can create a very nice 10% regen combo which helps cover one of the build's major weaknesses and makes you very hard to kill. Throw in Wicked Ward if you want.

Ascendancy Points

Polymath > Escape Artist + Soul Drinker > One Step Ahead

For most players Polymath is picked first to give free life/mana/ES refills while levelling, which saves a lot of headache.

Then rush to Soul Drinker - this gives you a defense layer and also 20% attack and cast speed, which lets you traverse maps faster and set up for CWC.

Now you enter maps and at 70-ish can start spinning the CWC/Arc combo if you have bought the right gear. MAKE SURE YOU CHECK THE CRITICAL INFO ABOVE to see if you have enough Cast Speed to use the build, otherwise your damage will be 50%.

If you're an experienced powerleveller, swap One Step Ahead and Polymath. Experienced players won't need the kill on hit sustain.

3.19 Player Testimonials! Thanks guys!

Terraknight wrote:
Hi there, Playing and loving the heck out of your build!

But I have to wonder, what helmet enchant would be the best to look for? Cyclone attack speed, LC damage or something defensive?

💥💫BB Unloader 1000% AoE 70m DPS🗡️🔪🔫: view-thread/3466787
FlickerCoC Ice Nova / Spear Assassin: view-thread/3225536
🔨⚡CWC Lightning Conduit Mjolner Trickster: view-thread/3300148
VD Arcanist Brand Necro: view-thread/2911667
Last edited by primaeva on Sep 25, 2022, 4:24:41 AM
Last bumped on Oct 23, 2022, 1:44:37 PM

#1 - The Secretly Good Corrupt

An "Endurance Charge on Stun" corruption on Mjolner is actually GREAT. LC hits so damn hard it stuns the shit out of regular enemies, even in T16 Delirium'd maps.

This can become counterintuitive when you run Doryani's Prototype though, since 3 Endurance Charges = 12% allres, lightning res included. Thus, the % onslaught corrupt is far better, since we don't actually need Onslaught vs bosses. (or rather, you shouldn't be relying on a flask to hit your 69% cast speed threshold.)

If you have no idea what the cast speed threshold is, please read the CRITICAL information in the post above again. You could be losing HALF your damage.
💥💫BB Unloader 1000% AoE 70m DPS🗡️🔪🔫: view-thread/3466787
FlickerCoC Ice Nova / Spear Assassin: view-thread/3225536
🔨⚡CWC Lightning Conduit Mjolner Trickster: view-thread/3300148
VD Arcanist Brand Necro: view-thread/2911667
Last edited by primaeva on Sep 5, 2022, 5:44:04 AM
Oh, finally mholner arc cwc LC! My question is, can it do uber bosses and all end game content?
Tecken1407 wrote:
Oh, finally mholner arc cwc LC! My question is, can it do uber bosses and all end game content?

Wow, that was fast.

Short answer: No.
Long answer: Noooooooooooooooooo....t without crazy investment.

I will develop a LL version after I have the funding to transition out of the Life build you see here, but even then it looks like it'll cap at 5m sDPS with ludicrous levels of investment.

Basically, you'd have to fuckin' love the LC animation for this to be even worth it, otherwise a LL CoC Ice Spear Assassin is MUCH better bang for your back.

It WILL however kill Shaper, Elder, Guardians, Uber Elder, and Maven, but not the Uber-whatever-new-tier-of-fuckery that came out earlier.

CWC is just too heavy damage a penalty, capping at 3 casts per second and taking not just one, but two damage support slots, ON TOP of implementing a crazy -30% less damage.

However, there lies one exception to the rule: The Squire, and the LC goes INSIDE the Squire for a full 6 links of damage. Now THAT would clap. But I've never based builds around 30-50 ex items, and it will still be a melee build, which is dumb. That said, I will theorycraft a PoB for that one.
💥💫BB Unloader 1000% AoE 70m DPS🗡️🔪🔫: view-thread/3466787
FlickerCoC Ice Nova / Spear Assassin: view-thread/3225536
🔨⚡CWC Lightning Conduit Mjolner Trickster: view-thread/3300148
VD Arcanist Brand Necro: view-thread/2911667
Is this character good ? I mean i just want to reroll my trickster.
dmoniak wrote:
Is this character good ? I mean i just want to reroll my trickster.

Hey still working on developing it. PoBs are above btw.

150c will get you to T15.

300c will kill T16 + Conqs but slowly.

From here on, the increases get expensive but the gains also increase. Lightning Clusters, Watcher's Eye, and then transitioning to LL.

If you're looking for a mapper, it's really good and solid enough to take down ANs.

If you're looking for a bosser (Guardian / Shaper and up) - uh, it's going to cost you about 6-8 div to have respectable damage.
💥💫BB Unloader 1000% AoE 70m DPS🗡️🔪🔫: view-thread/3466787
FlickerCoC Ice Nova / Spear Assassin: view-thread/3225536
🔨⚡CWC Lightning Conduit Mjolner Trickster: view-thread/3300148
VD Arcanist Brand Necro: view-thread/2911667
Last edited by primaeva on Aug 26, 2022, 1:52:00 PM

Yours FS-cospri trickster is steel working in 3.19?
maddannik wrote:

Yours FS-cospri trickster is steel working in 3.19?

Oh hey!

It's an Assassin, and yeah nothing at the core but to be honest, with Archnemesis monsters being this tanky, I highly recommend Cyclone for control over speed.

IF you just love Flicker Strike too much then play it. Otherwise, being unable to control where you are going is a death sentence on these mobs.

Do note: Ashes of the Stars is no longer the recommended necklace for that build. It's way too expensive and does fuck all for the build, really. Just replace with Presence of Chayula or Badge of the Brotherhood.
💥💫BB Unloader 1000% AoE 70m DPS🗡️🔪🔫: view-thread/3466787
FlickerCoC Ice Nova / Spear Assassin: view-thread/3225536
🔨⚡CWC Lightning Conduit Mjolner Trickster: view-thread/3300148
VD Arcanist Brand Necro: view-thread/2911667
Can you do 15+ div pob? <3
Last edited by Tecken1407 on Aug 27, 2022, 3:38:55 AM
Tecken1407 wrote:
Can you do 15+ div pob? <3

Well uh I am still working out the kinks, but this should be a 6-7 div version that'll chow down almost all content while being super tanky due to Petrified Blood, Hybrid Life + ES Pool and overleech for BOTH, Pain Attunement, etc.

Spell suppression is currently too overpriced as a stat so bringing 11k tHP + Petrified Blood mitigation to the game is our way of getting around that

(After all a 5.5k life build with 100% spell suppression is about as good as a 11k tHP build - except that spell suppress does nothing for monster attacks, which are the bulk of the damage in the game (except for Uber bosses, then it's mostly spell damage).


Do note I am severely lacking Chaos Res but with a bigger budget (I'm literally using 5-20c rares in some slots..) you should be able to fix that.
💥💫BB Unloader 1000% AoE 70m DPS🗡️🔪🔫: view-thread/3466787
FlickerCoC Ice Nova / Spear Assassin: view-thread/3225536
🔨⚡CWC Lightning Conduit Mjolner Trickster: view-thread/3300148
VD Arcanist Brand Necro: view-thread/2911667

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