Between Season Race 20: 8 Hour Solo

Standard rules for league events apply. Please click this link if this is your first race event.

These interim events are intended for fun and for testing between seasons. When we announce the details of Season Two, awesome prize rewards will return. Season two starts on April 20 (NZT).


The top player of each class by experience will receive the Demigod's Triumph (Unique Golden Wreath, awarded in most Open Beta races).

This is going to be insane.

Kripp approves of this race #Kappa
This is very cool. I was about to say in feedback thread for season one we should have 'marathon' events on weekends, like 8-12h events.

This is gonna be very very interesting.

p.S: And a perfect excuse to level a new char.
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Bathroom, BATHROOM!
so what is gonna win in 8 hours merciless sarn or fellshrine ?
Completed 4 ChallengesKamro wrote:
so what is gonna win in 8 hours merciless sarn or fellshrine ?

Cruel Docks

I don't expect many to participate in 8h events unless it's weekend.
8 hours is a long time for players to die also. I predict merci ledge for at least one of the top in class, but who knows, will depend on if you get my kind of rng, or the kripp kind of rng.
Won't be more than 100 players in this one. And that's optimistic. But well guess you can try it now and see it's a bad race and ditch it for Season 2 than do it then. Then again I could be wrong but I really doubt it.

And about the 4 party 8hs that are 4hours after one another will be even worse.

Just an opinion don't hate me now ;)
Awesome race!

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