First screenshot of Searing Bond skill

The patch we're deploying this Friday (0.10.6) contains a new Strength/Intelligence skill called Searing Bond. It creates a totem that fires a beam of fire at you. Any monster caught in the beam suffers burning damage. If you have multiple totems, it'll send beams to all of them as well. Here's the first screenshot of the skill that we've released.

The 0.10.6 patch also contains new Unique items and any bug fixes that we haven't pushed into today's 0.10.5b patch (which is still a few hours away).

We're also expecting to deploy 0.10.6 to the Alpha realm this afternoon.
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Searing Bond looks awesome! :- D

Keep up the good work and please don't lose sight of MELEE x RANGED balance (of course in the realm of reasonable possibilities).

>> New Item Rarity Class: MYTHICAL - My Suggestion from 2013
>> It so happens than Elder/Shaped items are similar to Mythical items. :3

>> Allow Home and End keys to quickly travel through the Stash!!!
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Rock on!
dem warlock chains
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edit: oh, just read the description. Was sort of hoping this was lasers, from me, to everyone else. But I guess that might a)make Incinerate look a bit crap and b)draw yet more cries of OMGCOPYINGD3.

Oh well. You've finally give me a reason to use totems, GGG. Thank you yet again for providing sufficient incentive for me to turn my back on everything I hold sacred (intimate melee -- you didn't earn the kill unless the blood is on your blade!) and embracing the dark side of ARPGs (turrets...).
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Finally, lasers for my frost wall shows.
I called lasers 2 days ago. T'was a joke
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well i have another performance update you have to do in the future

reduce the number of boddies in vaal fight, the game laags like crazy with so many boddies on the screen
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