[3.19] Deadeye Kinetic Blast MF 96% IIQ 532% IIR or 86% IIQ 574% IIR

Hey there, It's my first ever build guide so there probably wouldn't be much details and so on, but feel free to ask any questions.

Caution: Not a leaguestarter.


T11 Tower with 2 Inspired Learning's https://youtu.be/FYRMoOyeDs4

dont wanna record 3.18/3.19 crimson temple showcase, sorry, but farmed full juiced 80% deli conq t16 crimson temples with this build, but HH is required for that. t16 juiced with 2 inspireds is totally fine

3.17 Update

Absolutely nothing really changed gemlinks-wise and gear-wise, just a bit weaker Added damage support gems(around -5% total dps), so it's perfectly fine in 3.17. Removal of Nemesis mons drop currency definitely hurts, but hey now we can have Beyond on any map, which also drop currency (from Atlas passive tree), so MF'ing might become even stronger this league tbh. Needs testing anyway

Atlas tree im currently testing: https://bit.ly/3uN9Tam

3.18 Update

new pob: https://pastebin.com/d1J5AeRy

with easily obtained ele wands, build shines on t16 with 80% deli easily.

my crimson temple setup was:

scarabs: div, abyss, ambush, reliq/harby
sex: beyond, hunted, corrupted items and 500% quantity strongboxes. swap hunted with alva when run out of alva missions.


3.19 Update with new rarity pob

Prepare your MF characters
budget pob:
https://pastebin.com/tpcERr7p (more qol version with less iiq iir but way more dps, movespeed and survivability.

here we are focusing on rarity more than quantity for touched rares, can be easily switched to more default quantity setup with greed's embrace and sadima's instead of aurseize, which will result us with 96 532 IIQ IIR, but a lot less damage (it's still perfectly fine, but preferable to have headhunter at this point). Ran a lot of crimson temples with this setup, feels almost the same as the last league, however some touched can be too rippy.

Personally didn't like the approach of KB in this league, combined with loot rework and removing tower map, so blasted with Tornado shot Deadeye and had a wheeping success. Although tried KB and Blade vortex MF versions beforehand but didn't like both.

My high budget POB for TS (68 592 IIQ IIR aurseize/78 542 IIQ IIR with sadima's): https://pastebin.com/SBkcFac1

Dont feel like making build guide on forum as it's pretty much the same except gear which is in the PoB.



3.18 pob for crimson temple is in 3.18 update spoiler
More or less end version + Leveling section

More budget version


Please note that in this version there are no Awakened Elemental damage with attacks, so we are vulnerable to Reflect. This should be the first Upgrade made. Next I'd suggest Awakened Fork.


caution update: best way atm is to have The Ascetic + magic helm and normal synthesized shield.


There are no specific way to level, but the most popular is using Rain of arrows.
Start with Split arrow+Onslaught, go all way to lv12 and after entering Cavern of Wrath go pick up Rain of Arrows/Lightning Arrow/Ice Shot, what would you prefer more.
Links should be: Rain of arrows - Mirage archer - Hypothermia - Inspiration - Trinity - Elemental damage with attacks support

Be sure to pick up Herald of Ice and Precision, and later Hatred

For the gear:
Body: Tabula Rasa
Helm: Goldrim
Gloves: Lochtonial Caress, Hrimsorrow or Sadima's Touch
Boots: Wanderlust or Seven-League Step
Amulet: Karui Ward into Sacrificial Heart
Rings: 2x Le Heup of All or 1x Thief's Torment
Belt: Prismweave
Bow: Storm Cloud into The Tempest at lv32
Quiver: Hyrri's bite

This should easily carry you to the maps, where you would want to level to lv70 and swith into real gear already.

Best way of course is to start leveling in 5-ways, but if u can't afford that you can level in maps, although it's not really good.

Leveling on maps

You can run tight layout maps with beyond, just make sure to have inspireds.

This is real speedrun, and you can use some MS gear while you're leveling, such as Devoto's Devotion, Seven-League Step and Tabula instead of Greed's Embrace.

Map setup

For scarabs: Divination/Breach, Legion, Ambush/Abyss, Reliq;
For sextants: For div card hunt - +2 strongboxes, 500% enraged, beyond and gloom shrine (it's lovely)/For Touched hunting: +1 legion, +1/2 abysses, beyond, gloom shrine;
Map device: abyss/ambush;
Maps: Increased number of rare monsters 25%+ packsize
Prophecies: Press F
Watchstones: Press F

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I am pretty new so I am just asking, why is the damage so low? Is this build able to farm w/o headhunter?
srapmg wrote:
I am pretty new so I am just asking, why is the damage so low? Is this build able to farm w/o headhunter?

As I've mentioned in the post, budget version is able to farm T10 Towers, with 2 Inspired Learnings only. 260k DPS is pretty much enough for this.
budget for this build?
31mediavn wrote:
budget for this build?

Around 16ex for budget version with 2 IL's and awakened gems.

40ex~ish for normal version not including HH.
any idea to build with mageblood?

or i need to sell it and buy HH?
dumbdmub wrote:
any idea to build with mageblood?

or i need to sell it and buy HH?

There is totally no point of using Mageblood over HH since we are getting way too much power from hundreds of rare monsters, while Mageblood would not give any DPS to our build.

Not sure why'd u want to do MF if u've got Mageblood already though lol
it lucky drop, but i dont have much ex to build arounnd it as i only have about 30ex

the quality of life from mageblood is so good
is it leaguestart viable?
I have never tried MF before so I decided to give the budget build a try. Found that I was very squishy on T10 Tower maps, died at least once per map. Spent more time walking to the site of my death than clearing maps. I'm sure the returns are "insane" or whatever, but I just couldn't get it going on a budget basis.

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