3.13.1c Patch Notes

Yay, more restarts :P
Hopefully this patch unbricks my game from the last trash patch
This 3.13.1c patch has now been re-deployed, sorry for the problems earlier.
guys u promised to fix warlord's mark butcha didn't
The game is now instantly crashing on launch after the last update.
Even before the GGG screen. Opens to black for < 1s, then crash to desktop.

Clearing caches didn't help.
The values of the "x% less effect of Curses on Monsters" and "Monsters have x% chance to Avoid Elemental Ailments" map modifiers on Synthesis maps have been lowered, so that it's no longer possible to reach 100% on these modifiers with the Vivid Memories Atlas Passive node allocated.

What about for poison / bleed?
Good patch guys, but the main late game problem is amount of useless items drop on ground, especialy if you are using explosion mechanics, ive died so many times because of that and it also causes game crashes. Its almost doesnt matter how good your PC is. As many experienced streamers/regular players noticed - if you can hide trash items from drop via lootfilter , it will solve the problem completely. Really hope its possible.
nice! BUT harvest bugged... still nothing

also golem effect from quality also bugged
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Nice zana harvest stealth nerf...
Game keeps crashing every few minutes just like yesterday...

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