3.13.1c Patch Notes


My challenges messed up

i had 35 ( in this website it shows 35) in game 31. Random challenges are not completed...
Fix challenges please!
Yeah my challenges are all screwey and wrong.
When you gonna graphics/load times. Feels like y'all didnt do anything about streaming textures other than hide them behind load times?

Please tell us why load times are many multiples of Heist client.
yeah same here, challenges bugged
IGN: FluffyMetamorph
Challenges broken. Explore the atlas 16/150 while awakening 150/150. What??
Other challenges also not completed...
Well that broke many things in the game.. nicely done.
i lost a lot of progress in many challenge
That means Stone Golem AI is fixed or still will use autoattacks having slam available?
Frank_Nerd wrote:
i lost a lot of progress in many challenge

yeah seems to be happening to a lot of people

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