3.13.1c Patch Notes

Why cant they just revert it to how it was in 3.12. Game graphics were fine then
This patch has made the game almost unplayable for me. Please fix or undo it.
What is with all these little ninja rollbacks?
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I hope there's a new hotfix or even better a new patch today!
So you guys fixed the 'avoid elemental ailment' mods in synthesis maps because with Vivide Memory it can brick some builds, but what about 'avoid poison, bleed, blind' mods? This mod can reach 100% avoid with vivid memory too but you didnt do anything about it? Any logical thinker can notice the similarity of these 2 mods but why fix just 1? Or are you waiting for another rank post on reddit?
Constantly crash after patch again gj GGG
WTF happened with this patch? My HP suddenly dropped from 6151 to 6102 even though I didn't change a thing on my char, neither gear nor nodes! (Yes, I know it's not a lot.. still odd!) And there's no mention of some Life node having been nerfed...
>ctrl+f frozen

meanwhile the actual patch notes:
Hmmm... Lag was less of a burden for a few days, today's "fix" made it completely unplayable.

Game and i eventually came to an agreement: i tried to quit and it crashed.

You're probably having hard times trying to fix this mess up, so instead of blaming you i'll wish you good luck fixing it by the week end: you would rest lightminded, i would play!

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