3.13.1c Patch Notes

Any chance for Apple Silicon support? Can't even start the game on my macbook pro :(
Hope this fixes the Elder Armor bug that causes a giant black box to block the screen when multiple traps are detonated
So apparently this patch also included a fix for a pretty significant exploit, but the patch notes missed mentioning it - https://www.reddit.com/r/pathofexile/comments/lfy8h3/notable_passive_enchant_on_rare_twotone_boots/
Fix the Crash !!!

I had 2 people start to having problem with crashes and now I do have the problem just today.... 3 map and all crash and lost a map due to 8 crashes within a hour. Not a good day :( Take break and walk away....

If it crashed too often then the patch would becomes irrelevant.
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Yup still crashing..............................
Had to stop playing tonight due to constant crashing/locking up/ losing instances. Whatever happens, when you get back in, all map portals are gone. Can not play like this. Even had it crash when using a portal to return to hideout mid-map to dump loot, and game disconnected and when Logged right back in, all portals were gone. Please fix the issue GGG.
3 crashes today on my first map (map peninsula, perandus + legion) :)
I haven't seen a mirror drop in ten years of playing PoE!
crash after crash after crash after crash... cant finish 1map
I cannot even enter any area with monsters. :-( No fun to be had by me.
Every update steals 1-2 fps from me and this one is my gravestone, i cant play poe on my pc anymore, i'm waiting for 2 mins to in town, then 1 to load HO, 1 more to load map, making few steps on map and crashing to login screen. Nice work on making bad working things to good not working.

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