3.13.1b Patch Notes

For those of us with 3090's and 24GB of VRAM, please, just keep streaming all the textures off the render thread. Take advantage of all that VRAM! :D
Fix Lvl 20 Item Rarity Elevated Not working SadCatW
What the heck?
Returned from a map to my HO - gfx glitches with shadows here.
Restarted the game - no more portals to that map.
Yep, now your genoius stuff requires to observe the loading screen a half of minute instead of 5 seconds pre-patch. But it's still quite fast to don't unload location, I think!
it seems to be better. not perfect, but better.

The world unravels.
Please fix this bug at last

It has exited for more than 6 months and it's destroying wealth or causing inconvenience for your standard players every single time.
Automatic map conversion for example does not work when you would get more than 72 of a unique map because of the downtier bug.
Had "fun" for 1 hour figuring this out before conversion finally worked.
Thank you. Finally the game is enjoyable again for me. The texture streaming for 5-10 seconds was so annoying.
Henry_GGG wrote:
BlackCrow wrote:
Do you have eta for the Arcane Surge fix?

Unfortunately it didn't make it into this patch, but hopefully the next one!

"If they actually showed gameplay with it zoomed out and then zoomed it in for the real one I think there would be actual riots in the street. I think that people would burn the building down."
This patch made some solid improvement to game performance. Load times are a lot longer than before but still very manageable.

I did not notice texture popping while opening and closing game menus, eg. Atlas, which is great because it was annoying.

High density combat still stutters a lot but it is definitely improved in this patch as well.

All of this is on DX11 as Vulkan was crashing too much for me ever since 3.13.
Try to set texture quality to medium instead of high.

You won`t notice the difference, but it has a positive impact on load times.
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After switching back to Vulkan after Hotfix it seems like it's playable again.
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