3.13.1b Patch Notes

Finally :D
My performance is much better. Or rather, the experience of playing. Effects are properly loaded, no more constant re-loading of textures. It was barely playable before patch, now it's much better.
vaal or no balls
I`m still crashing, I have Razen 9, 32GB and RTX 3060ti, I noticed the Path of Exile memory is getting around 21GB during some fights like Simulacrum, It`s really too high.

I reduced my graphics to low, and keeping high the memore usage.
Constant crashing. Crashed 5 times in a 5 way. Game is unplayable since the patch.
i never post about shitty mechanics or anything. heck this is probably my first post...but ive been crashing non stop after patch just trying to play the game. PLEASE FIX. thanks in advance!
Yikes, lost a map in a rollback and two hideout instances (couldn't portal back). Also, there is now a noticeable delay between entering a portal and the loading screen showing up.
Worst patch I have ever received. Memory is heavily increased. Lag lag lag. Crash lag.

I'm sure others were having bigger issues with the textures based on their feedback, but the textures were fine for me. A little funny looking when I go into a new area. T

his is the first time a patch has seriously impacted gameplay for me. Kill it with fire. Its a painful call I'm sure, but you need a 3.13.2 that completely reverts the texture changes unless you have some systems in house where you can replicate both the crazy issues with 3.13.1b and the texture complaints in 3.13.*

Good luck y'all!! ( still my favorite game )
WORST, the games sttuter A LOT, lag spikes (texture related probably). It does load without the soappy texture in the begining but in my experience iT was better before and WAY BETTER before this texture thing.
Wadafac wrote:

Another things I notice, random "freezes" that I never had before (not this often) and increased loading time, (I just had a 20 sec one).

Same here .
4 Blight maps gone, can't load in anything on Valdo's rest because the harbinger overload the game and make it crash, 10 minutes to load a town, and the list goes on. How, just how did this go trough testing?
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