Thanksgiving 2020 Sale

Malice pack is nice. Tempted to grab Basilisk as upgrade for 45$.
ED: Weta-Box, Dank Yo
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Bex when u make a different payments for Argentina, its imposible charged points without Boacompra
while in paper sounds amazing and stuff...

I just saw this and the "90% discount" ones currently are decorations.. not suprised.

not really a fan of this kind of "timed" sales either, why not just throw everything there and let people do their thing? nope every hour lets change it to gain more clicks on our website for whatever reason..

it's ok I guess.. seems like an improvement from your last year sale.
"Parade your victories, hide your defeats. Mortals are so insecure." 3.11 "technical" patch btw 16 gb and then another 13 gb in 3.13 the loading issues are still as if the "technical" patch was never even in the game.

Chapter: XXV.
If you're looking for some points to spend on the sale, be sure to check out our supporter packs. Now is the best time to grab them as the core supporter packs will be replaced in December

I would like to know about this deadline beacuse i want to buy Orion Supporter Pack. When will be last shopping day core supp packs?
I like how this is organized, including an actual schedule for all themes. Thank you!

btw, i just got huge catapult for 5 points (90% off).

This should have been a weekend-long sale instead of hourly rotating sales. Now I will miss some of it, and that makes me sad :(

Hope there's an altogether sale on the weekend, but I doubt it :/
I just bought a discounted item from the shop to get a mystery box, i did not get the discounted price that was displayed. i was supposed to pay 5 points, i payed 50 instead for the catapult decoration
Seriously,who comes up with ideas like this?
Are players supposed to wake up in the middle of the night to buy something they want?
Or should they leave work early so they won't miss an armor set?

It would be bad even if you gave them for free,but having to pay AND change our whole sleep-real life schedule in order to biy something is absurd.
10:07. STILL STYGIAN... bugged.

Why hour discounts when a target of this game is mainly people who have work? We spent a lot of MTX but we can't get into mega discounts and being part of it in case we are in work. :/
this just means that GGG is running low on money that's why GGG was pushing micro transactions daily and this sale means that GGG is getting really low on money to the point if this sale fales to make enuth money there might be some problems to GGG

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