Thanksgiving 2020 Sale

:( email alert didn't land in my mailbox till x:35, so I missed the sale I wanted by seconds. Better luck next year I guess.
Still no pandemonium armour pack :(
Spended 200 points but no mystery box :(
Artur1968 wrote:
Spended 200 points but no mystery box :(
Write to support maybe they'll help you.
I think that the 1 hour rotation was not a good idea. I basically always saw or received the email when the hour was already gone.

Ideas for next time:
- 6 hour slots (the duration of Steam's old "flash sales")
- add somewhere in the wishlist "this item will be on sale in X hours"
- or a "pre-order" function, i.e. "buy this automatically next time it goes on sale"
zsirfoka wrote:
All I see in the comment section that #stayathome made everyone #edgyasateencouldbe.

If you dont like the sale, dont participate in it, also the rotation is OBVIOUSLY for getting the game more attention.

Just a little hint, you don't need to log into the game to see the sales, u can check them on the page as well, does it take more than 10 seconds?
People are just expressing their opinion with a fair amount of criticism, nothing wrong with that. On the other hand it is you calling them edgy. This sale might seem like a good idea, but the execution is kinda clunky.
Missed the thermat H/O because of late notifications. Really disappointed. Truth is GGG should've just made a everything available at once.

They didn't just make this sale a nuisance, they lost my sale because of the bad rollout, which means they probably lost a dragons horde of sales with the community at large.

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is that still ongoing?
i didn't get my free box
Same here, its still advertised but didnt receive any box.
narko1 wrote:
Same here, its still advertised but didnt receive any box.

Apologies for the confusion. We have taken those banners down.

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